Sep 112017

Bentley Race says: And next up is my recent shoot in the bathroom with the very beautiful Sam Sivahn. I discovered this Indonesian hottie last summer when he came along with his mate to watch a shoot.

I have a little bit of a crush on Sam. He looks great in the photos and he’s a really sweet guy. In the short time he has been doing naked modelling he has already been in a load of shoots, both solo and with me and our mates.

In today’s shoot he is giving me a slow strip show in the bathroom. I guess it needs to be slow because he starts in just his speedos.

I love teasing Sam while he working through his shoot. It was at the end of this shoot that I ended up jacking off Sam on the bed. I can’t wait to do more shoots with him over this coming summer.

His videos have been very popular with all our mates. My biggest decision is who to match him up with next.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Sep 072017

Bentley Race says: Let’s start with our cute Asian twink mate Ryan Kai. Since doing his first shoot 2 years ago at the age of 21, Ryan has done a load of shoots.

Mostly solo scenes since he is one of our straight mates. But lately he’s been enjoying getting wanked off in his videos. In today’s shoot Ryan is posed in a uniform for this hot after-school shoot.

Beneath his shorts Ryan is wearing just a jockstrap. His bum looks perfect hanging out through the bands. I make sure I get lots of shots of Ryan showing off his bum. His big dick is already growing hard and showing signs of precum as I get him to let it out of the jock.

It is never long before Ryan’s cock is really hard. Once I was happy with the shots I let Ryan watch some porn in the VR goggles while I got to work getting my cute mate off. He loves it when I lube up his cock and tease it with a flesh jack.

Ryan always blows a crazy amount of cum, and in this video he really delivers a big load. I can’t wait to see what Ryan has planned for us next.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Aug 242017

Bentley Race says: I am catching up on some of the hot shoots I did with some of my mates in Europe earlier this year. I just found the shoot I did with my cute mate Justin Evans in Berlin.

I spent a couple of days with Justin taking loads of photos and making some hot videos. Today’s shoot ends the series of shoots in the Berlin studio.

Justin is looking super hot as he shows off his bottom and hard cock while bending over the chair. I was getting seriously turned on while taking his photos.

After taking some shots together I grabbed the video to capture Justin getting off one more time. The 22 year old Polish twink and I have been friends for a few years now.

But this is the first time we are actually having some fun together on video. I figured everyone had already seen Justin in solo action videos.

It’s time to see that perky little bottom getting some nice tongue fucking action. Justin squirms on my face as I push my tongue deeper in to his hole.

I keep working his cock and hole until he’s very close to getting off. And his enormous cum shower does not disappoint at the end of this new video.

I love working with this horny bottom boy.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Aug 172017

Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating

Bentley Race started life as a single guy Ben, posting photos of himself and his mates online. This was in 1999 and over the years the site Bentley Race was born as Australia’s premiere gay amateur website. The focus here is on young sporty studs in jockstraps and football socks. There is definitely a slight socks and jocks fetish feel here.

Ben finds unknown hot young Australian, European and American guys from 18 years to late 20’s appearing solo or as couples. The scenes take place on Ben’s rooftop overlooking Melbourne’s Central Business District or downstairs in his apartment. Often the sexy boys perform a strip show outdoors, in front of the cameras before heading downstairs to unload their balls. I love the teasing strip show and the guys look so sexy in the jocks and footie socks.

Parading in front of the cameras with their jocks bulging these guys tend to have big uncut cocks with plenty of foreskin, although not all are uncircumcised. You’ll find a mix of straight and gay guys, although when you see the straight and gay guys in action you’ll find it hard to tell which is which. The straight guys really do seem to be into the sex especially the anal which is of course every straight boys dream. Most of the guys are true amateurs although some of the Bentley Race favorites appear more than once on the site. Some have even gone onto greater things becoming gay porn stars in their own rights.

Bentley Race has 700 plus videos at the time of review. They come in MP4 format with three sizes for download or streaming. The shoot quality is of a good amateur nature which fits the site well. The videos are totally watchable even on a big screen. Older videos are in WMV format.

The videos start off with Ben interviewing the models whilst they strip off and jerk their cocks, or mutual masturbation for duo scenes. Often the interviews are carried on outdoors, and then the hardcore sex action takes place downstairs. I love the sports gear fetish, with shorts, socks and sneakers. As their clothes come off you see the guys showing off their tight ass-less underwear or jocks. Plenty of gorgeous bubble butts and tight pinks assholes on display. In some of the solo videos Ben joins in the action, sucking the model’s cocks or fucking their available asses. Some of the guys suck his big dick too.

Alongside the videos you’ll find a description of the scene and how Ben met the model. Included are galleries with each video which are HD quality still photos. Not screen caps from the video. The images are available for download as zipped files. At least one standalone photo gallery is released each week.

Members get access to behind the scenes videos and they can chat with other Bentley Race members and Ben himself in the active forum. There is also a members only blog, featuring upcoming previews.

Membership costs $29.95 for the first month, reducing to $24.95 after 30 days. Quarterly and annual membership options work out cheaper per month. See below for full schedule of member options.

Bentley Race is a good amateur gay porn website with a good sized collection of solo jerk off and gay fucking videos plus many picture galleries. You can expect plenty of sexy young dudes in their jocks, football socks and sneakers who enjoy stripping and jerking or fucking in front of the camera. There are 3 updates per week consisting of a full on solo or duo video scene plus photos, a behind the scenes video and a standalone photo gallery. Ben really makes this site unique and its a real turn on to see him getting involved with the guys. If you like sporty amateur guys and have sports/underwear/socks fetish tendencies then you’ll find a lot to love at Bentley Race. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$29.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $24.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$66.00 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $19.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$96.00 FOR 180 DAYS REBILLS $19.95 EVERY 30 DAYS

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Aug 172017

Bentley Race says: When I first saw a photo of 21 year old Marti Trifon, I knew I wanted to meet with his hunky muscle boy. He was introduced to me by one of my other mates in Germany. Marti moved from eastern Europe to Berlin a few years ago.

He told me that he’s not in peak shape at the moment while he takes a break from his body building in winter. I kinda expected that he might have a bit of an attitude when I saw the poses he was pulling in his photos. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Marti turned out to be one of the nicest guys I’ve met while travelling around Europe. We were so deep in talking for a while there that I was forgetting to take photos. He takes a lot of pride in his health and physique and loves to show it off, even in this nude photo shoot.

Though he admits that this is his first time being photographed naked by another guy. He really puts on a hot strip and jack off show for me, pumping a lot of cum across his belly.

I think Marti is going to become one of my favorite new mates to shoot with.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Aug 102017

Bentley Race says: One of the hottest pair ups on Bentley Race this year is going to be the partnering of my hot mates Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn. I never know how the guys are going to get along when I put them together for the first time.

Both Luc and Sam are really sweet guys and I knew they would have fun doing this. So we all met up in the studio for a photoshoot and video session. The guys were having fun stripping each other naked. Luc was undressing Sam like he was some kind of present.

The hot fun doesn’t stop as the guys move to the bed and Sam pulls out Luc’s cock. But we all know that this is just the foreplay to making the video. Once I start recording Luc and Sam are stripping off much faster this time. Sam is about to get fucked really hard by his new mate.

Even Luc is surprised toward the end of the scene when Sam asks him to fuck him again. This boy has got a lot of stamina! This is Sam’s third sex session at BR, and I have lost count of Luc’s sessions over the past year.

I am looking forward to shooting a lot more with them and my other mates this year.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Jul 312017

Bentley Race says: During my travels I have met some really beautiful men from all around the world. Some of these guys have become good mates and I see them every time I am back in their city. One of the nicest guys I have met on my travels in Europe is porn star David Sweet.

You might remember him from some of the hot scenes I shot him in solo and with his mates in Hungary. David is very handsome and has really bulked up a lot more than when I last saw him 2 years ago. He takes his health and fitness very seriously.

And on the day we met he was very keen to get some new photos of his new physique. We had to shoot inside since it was the middle of winter in Hungary, but we still had a lot of fun catching up and making this shoot.

After a lot of stripping, and flexing, David lays naked on my bed playing with his stiff cock and then gives me a nice flesh light fucking show.

It is an absolute pleasure shooting with my beautiful mate. I am looking forward to doing a lot more with David when I visit again.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Jul 202017

Bentley Race says: I want to introduce you to my hot new mate Tomas Kyle. The 25 year old Aussie came to visit me last month from South Australia. Tomas is mates with one of our other favourite mates, Luc Dean. It was Luc who encouraged Tomas to get in touch with me and ask about doing a shoot.

Well I’m glad he did because I love working with red head guys. And this pale lanky boy didn’t disappoint. We had lots of fun getting photos during this soccer gear strip show. And eventually we moved on to making a very hot video on the bed.

During the video I joined Tomas on the bed, edging my new mate towards blowing a huge load of hot cum. I’m looking forward to more visits from our new horny mate.

I’m already thinking about who I can pair him up with from my other sexy mates.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Jul 132017

Bentley Race says: I just posted this new scene with Aussie boys Caleb Knight and Nate Steel. I love when my mates bring their mates around for a porn shoot. I have already shot with the tall lanky Caleb a few times before this year. But today he is bringing his hot mate Nate around to meet me, and make a new scene for the website.

Shooting these guys together was a lot of fun. There’s lots of teasing as they strip each other’s clothes off. Caleb’s big cock is always hard, so Nate is quick to get it in his mouth while I take more photos. But the real action starts when I grab the video camera to catch the guys getting off.

There’s some very hot raw fucking action between the boys as Nate slides down on Caleb’s fat dick. Caleb is turning out to be one of the best tops on Bentley Race. He loves fucking right up to the point of cumming, and then pulling out and blowing cum all over his mate.

In this scene Caleb blows cum all over Nate, and then keeps fucking him until Nate also blows a load. It has to be one of the nicest shoots between mates I have done this year. I am expecting both Nate and Caleb will pop up in more scenes before the year is finished.

My other mates are wanting in on their action.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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Jun 292017

Bentley Race says: I recently got my sexy mate Sam Sivahn around for this shoot in my studio. I was really excited about getting Sam back after seeing his super fit body and that gorgeous bum when he stripped naked on the roof last summer.

In the studio Sam begun his strip tease as I took loads of photos. I probably took more photos of his bum than I needed. And when he turns around that beautiful suckable cock is already standing to attention. When we were finished taking photos I took Sam through to my bedroom where I got to wank him off.

I could feel Sam’s cock pulsing in my hand as I teased him to climax. And check out that gushing load of cum. Sam got us both covered in his hot cream. Now that Sam has made several videos with me and his mate Jesse for the site, he tells me he is looking forward to coming back and making many more with our mates.

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Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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