Lucas Entertainment gay porn site 5 star review

Lucas Entertainments gets a 5 star rating!

Michael Lucas started out as one of the hottest gay porn actors who then went on to establish his own studio in New York bearing his name, Lucas Entertainment. Over the years his studio has become synonymous with the world’s hottest gay porn stars featuring amazingly beautiful locations and super high quality pornography.

The men are stunningly beautiful, with big muscles, huge dicks and ripped bodies. Lucas loves filming the hottest gay sex with the hottest men in the business. All the very best globally known porn stars have filmed with him, including a number of exclusive guys, the so called Lucas Men. The current crop of Lucas Exclusives include Dylan James, Devin Franco, Drae Axtell, Rico Marlon, James Castle, Tomas Brand and Sean Xavier.

Michael Lucas scours the globe looking for hot new gay porn talent. You’ll find hot Israelis, South Africans, Americans, South Americans, Europeans and Australians. If the country has hot gay stars be assured that at one time or another they will have performed in front of Lucas’ rolling cameras.

Lucas Entertainment features a wide variety of super sexy men. Most are muscled or with athletic builds, ripped abs and beautiful handsome faces. You can guarantee that whatever your manly masculine type, you’ll find plenty of men meeting that description. Often with smoldering dark looks, beards and clean shaven, the men come in all shapes and sizes. As do their dicks although many are on the large side and with their foreskins intact. Thankfully.

If you like your sex hot and passionate and not run of the mill, in out in out shake it all about then Lucas Entertainment is the Oscar winner in terms of real sordidly hot sex. All of the sex filmed by Lucas Entertainments in the last 5 years is exclusively bareback so you won’t see a condom in the house, pool or parking lot, wherever. The sex is most often horny couples with a gang bang ass fucking orgy thrown in for good measure, often with upwards of 5 or 6 men on the go at the same time. There is plenty of passion on display, the sex is hot, with plenty of focus on the action, but also sweeping shots showing the guys from more of a distance. In this respect Lucas Entertainments could be a Hollywood film studio. The quality is that good.

As there are no condoms, there is plenty of cum sucking, swallowing and breeding of raw asses. The hotties get literally covered in each others cum as they rollick around the place. The settings for much of the movies range from the beach and outdoors by the pool, to bedrooms and condos, all are expensive designer locations. Lucas doesn’t skimp on the fittings that for sure.

As of this review Lucas Entertainment has over 300 award winning movies, with 1,450 videos starring over 800 stunning male gay porn models. Photo galleries containing 12,000 plus XXX action shots. Updates are regular as clockwork, Monday and Friday so you get two new HD video scenes plus HD photography. Videos are downloadable or streaming as you wish. The newest videos are perfect HD quality, with older content being of a amateur nature but was top of the range quality for the time when it was shot. As Michael Lucas has been shooting porn since 1998 you can imagine how technology has changed and cameras and lighting have improved massively. That being said the quality of all the movies is eminently watchable.

Videos are offered in various sizes and qualities down to mobile phone versions which were super, for that quiet wank in the stall during work breaks. Naughty. Just make sure you have the sound turned down as some of these men can make quite a racket, especially mid fuck.

I really like the website design at Lucas Entertainment. It’s logical and has a high quality feel to it. The very top menu on the left hand side allows you to switch between Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch and Sex in Suits as well as Live Cams and Video on Demand services.

Lucas Raunch is more focused on dirty piggy sex and Sex in Suits focuses on hot office guys in suits having sex. If you love suited sex then this is a great bonus, both are included as part of the membership to Lucas Entertainment.

You can browse the site via the DVD section, which shows a DVD cover which you can click on which takes you to the listing of scenes for that DVD. Alternatively, you can search the gay porn stars and Lucas Men Exclusives with a brief bio page for each star. This could be beefed up a bit in my eyes as I love to read more about the guys. There are over 800 sexy men to choose from so you won’t go wanting. Here you can also find the list of the films that particular star has featured in.

There isn’t much to knock about Lucas Entertainment, it’s high quality focus is well worth the cash. There is more than enough on offer to keep an avid player occupied for ages plus the two weekly updates means that you are only a few days away from a hot new video scene and a gallery of sexy photos. Do note that a non-rebilling membership is expensive at $39.95 compared with the recurring monthly cost of $29.95. At this price I think the site is good value for money.

Lucas Entertainment should be on your gay porn guest list if you are into hot gay porn stars with gorgeous bodies and beautifully handsome faces. Each new twice weekly update keeps you coming back for more. The quality is breathtaking as is the sex. Hot and sordid, with plenty of big raw dicks sporting their foreskins in many cases. If you are looking for a solid name to park some cash then you could do no better than park it here. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$29.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $29.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$179.95 FOR 365 DAYS NO REBILLS ($14.95 per month)


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Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok


Lucas Entertainments says: Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok bareback: If you’re in the mood for some unadulterated and raw muscle-bear porn, then this scene will answer that need.

Alessio Romero has jumped into making bareback porn, and his first scene on Lucas Entertainment fucking raw was with Jimmie Slater, Adam Isaacs, and BJ Rhubarb.

Now he’s paired up one-on-one with Drew Sumrok, and while Alessio in general is very versatile, here he’s all top and Drew is all bottom.

The proof is in the pounding: listen to Alessio’s pelvis slamming against Drew’s ass as he gets fucked bareback. It’s so loud it overtakes the mic and is a job well done. 


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Tomas Brand and Michael Lucas


Lucas Entertainments says: Tomas Brand has filmed 12 scenes for Lucas Entertainment, and today is his first with Michael Lucas.

It’s been said in the past that Tomas is known quite well for roughing up the men he’s with on camera.

But today he’s completely submissive with Michael: he gets his ass eaten, sucks cock, and takes Michael’s 10 inches raw up his ass.


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Dato Foland, Craig Daniel, Logan Moore and Theo Ford


Lucas Entertainments says: Dato Foland takes center stage alongside the adorable Theo Ford, handsome Logan Moore, and hot newcomer Craig Long.

When the three aforementioned Lucas Men learned that Dato was exclusively performing for Lucas Entertainment, they wanted their time on film with him.

Theo is hungry to get his ass fucked from the beginning, so Craig answers his need and starts raw-dogging him; Logan, meanwhile, bends over for Dato to fuck him before everything is switched up and Theo Ford and Dato Foland double penetrate Logan Moore.


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Alejandro Alvarez, Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch


Lucas Entertainments says: It’s Alejandro Alvarez’s firm ass and smooth tight hole Toby Dutch and Tomas Brand are after, so the couple takes turns fucking the hungry bottom deep, rough, and raw.


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Lucas Knight and Brent Alex


Lucas Entertainments says: Brent Alex pays a visit to Lucas Knight’s photography studio to have some nudes taken, but he needs some inspiration in order to feel more comfortable.

Lucas is happy to help him out: he takes off all of his clothes, which in turn lets Brent know there’s nothing to worry about.

After a few shots in the nude, Lucas pulls a Terry Richardson and decides the photos would look better with his dick in Brent’s mouth.

What ensues from here? Lucas looses the camera completely, bends Brent over the equipment rack, and fucks him bareback. 


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Nigel Banks and Jimmie Slater


Lucas Entertainments says: Jimmie Slater is working with Lucas Knight as a stylist for his erotic photography studio, and Nigel Banks hires them to take some new photos of him.

But they don’t get far past the styling phase because Jimmie finds Nigel cute, and when Jimmie Slater sees something he wants he takes it.

Even though Nigel is paying for the photo shoot, he can’t help himself but be submissive. He drops to his knees and sucks off Nigel before opening up his ass in all sorts of positions, and Jimmie is more than happy to stick his dick deep inside his bottom.


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Michael Lucas and Lucas Knight


Lucas Entertainments says: Porn star Lucas Knight stars in this scene as a young photographer shooting men in the nude. Michael Lucas is one of his first big clients, but before they even get to the photography they get to know each other better both out of their clothes.

Lucas Knight is known well for his massive cock that he likes to fuck raw with, but here he submits his ass to Michael, who has bareback sex with Lucas long and hard with his 10-inch uncut cock. 


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Lucas Knight, Taye Knight and Brent Alex


Lucas Entertainments says: No one is going to argue that two knows aren’t better than one. Brent Alex, who has been on a role lately with taking cock up his ass, has been thrown to these two wolves. Can Brent handle Taye Knight’s big black cock, or Lucas Knight’s even bigger white cock.


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Comrad Blu, Mikoah Kan and Brock Rustin


Lucas Entertainments says: Brock Rustin is a man of service, so the minute he sees a cock get hard in front of his face, there’s no way he’s not going to suck it. In this encounter he’s paired up with both Mikoah Kan and the Russian beauty Comrad Blu.

Comrad was a submissive bottom the last time he appear on camera, but he returns here with a vengeance. First Brock gives the two blowjobs, swapping from cock to cock, and afterwards Comrad mounts Mikoah and fucks him furiously while Brock eats out his asshole. And when Comrad is done with Mikoah, he moves on to Brock.


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