Oct 242011

This week Bound Jocks introduce Nate Karlton who is getting tied up for the very first time. Being new to the BDSM scene he wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what he was getting into. He didn’t seem to mind the harness gripping his hairy chest and his arms tightly.  Nate was clearly more stressed when the ankle clamps appeared and were snapped into place.

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Oct 052011

Click here to see Chris Hunter full exposure

Who feels like chicken? Young Chris Hunter is ready to butter your biscuits! Truly, he wants you to know that. Chris spreads so well, that boyish glint in his eyes alone is enough to make ‘em melt.

This smooth, hard stud lived in Montreal for ten years – until he got tired of the cold. Now this naughty schoolboy is heating up Sarasota, Florida, looking for a steady job modeling underwear or swimwear. He’s off to a rip-roaring start in our gallery where he teases the masses with that lean, lithe stomach, the taut torso and all the edible leftovers.

He admits a dog once bit him in the ass while he was having sex. Forget rabies, more importantly: did Chris stop pumping? The answer is no, and you can see why this guy’s got the charm, looks and tenacity to keep on going. Don’t let the innocent smirk and buff biceps fool you – his favorite place to do it is in a church parking lot. Did we mention even dog’s can’t keep their paws off?

Chris is a fan of the gym, beach and French new wave cinema. But first and foremost – he’s posing his rock hard stuff, in the buff, to increase his, er, marketability.   Oh, and Chris hates denial. So do we! Now lick that butter knife!

 Click here to see Chris Hunter full exposure

Click here to see Chris Hunter full exposure


Click here to see Chris Hunter full exposure

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