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Gay sex orgy Belami boys Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, Jerome Exupery and Christian Lundgren

Belami says: When it comes to fidelity and monogamy there can be no better examples than our two power couples of Adam Archuleta and Christian Lundgren, and Andre Boleyn and Jerome Exupery.

Their love and devotion to each other set an example that we all could follow.… Read the rest of the post

Gay sex 8 man orgy Sean Cody Deacon, Sean Cody Asher, Sean Cody Manny, Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim Durden, Ashton Montana, Bart Cuban

Belami says: The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing the stunning villa, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, the trip is drawing to a close.

Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi’s shown them, as Yannis Palaun, Tom Houston, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests.… Read the rest of the post

Belami boys fucking hot young stud Andrei Karenin’s big uncut cock raw fucking Niko Vangelis’s asshole

Belami says: Sexy ripped young stud Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis are naked together in the shower.

Niko reaches over to kiss Andrei’s neck gently as Andrei reaches around a squeezes Niko’s peachy ass cheeks.

He then takes his already stiff uncut dick in his hand and jerks it before getting his sweet lips around his huge pink cock head.… Read the rest of the post

Belami boy Jerome Exupery’s huge uncut cock raw fucking young hottie Daan Jeffries’s tight hole

Belami says: Today hottie blonde top Jerome Exupery invites and sexy injured bottom boy Daan Jeffries into his apartment.

Under the pretense of giving him a relaxing massage to ease the pain, Jerome quickly gets freckle-faced cutie Daan to drop his track pants.Read the rest of the post

Belami horny young muscle dude Jack Harrer bareback fucking horny stud Alan Mosca’s tight ass hole

Belami says: Today we find gorgeous young hunk Jack Harrer playing with a new camera trying to film sexy shirtless Alan Mosca.

Jack reaches out and grabs the outline of Alan’s huge erect cock through his jeans using it to pull him closer.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy ripped young stud Belami Andrei Karenin’s huge thick uncut cock raw fucking Ethan OPry’s hot ass

Belami says: Sexy surfer dude Ethan O’Pry is in the bathroom checking his long flowing blonde hair as Andrei Karenin watches from the door.

Andrei is feeling horny and he really wants to have sex with Ethan so he tempts him back into the bedroom.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy young muscle men Mael Gauthier and Jason Bacall strip naked stroking their huge uncut dicks

Belami says: Sexy ripped young stud Jason Bacall lies outstretched naked on the edge of the Koi pond as he reaches down and touches his big soft uncut dick which is nestling between his legs.

Fellow young hottie Mael Gauthier comes bounding over to join Jason as they pose for the cameras.… Read the rest of the post

Belami muscle boys Jeff Mirren and Maori Mortensen hardcore ass fucking big uncut cock anal

Belami says: Maori Mortensen is out for a run in the gardens as he jogs his ripped muscular body ripples. As he is doing press-ups Jeff Mirren offers him encouragement asking him why he exercises so much.

The sexy boys start making out, kissing passionately before they head indoors for some hot sex.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy young top Elio Chalamet’s bare uncut dick raw fucking hottie twink Sammy Poulain

Belami says: Hot young twink Elio Chalamet strips down to his sexy underwear and wanders into the bedroom where he finds young hottie Sammy Poulain lying on the bed waiting for him.

The two horny boys make out, kissing passionately. Elio Chalamet smothers his young lover’s hot body with sweet kisses as he moves down to his already rock-hard uncut dick.Read the rest of the post

Hottie young Belami boy Miles Murray strips nude wanking his thick uncut cock spraying jizz all over

Belami says: Newbie young stud Miles Murray enters from the terrace in just his sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

He smiles sweetly as he lifts his t-shirt to reveal a nicely firm stomach with a defined six-pack. Not overly developed but perfect in their own way.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy blonde boy Ronny Lamarr’s huge raw uncut dick bare fuckin hottie Felix Gaul’s bubble butt

Belami says: Naked young hunk Felix Gaul joins sleepy head Ronny Lamarr between the bed covers reaching around and holding him intensely, making out, kissing passionately.

Ronny awakens and whispers sweet nothings into Felix’s ear as Felix gently plants his moist lips all over Ronny’s naked body licking his nipples and making him hard.… Read the rest of the post

Belami boys Andy McAllister and Hugo Diorr hardcore twink dick anal raw fucking

Belami says: Twink day today features Andy McAllister and Hugo Boss.

These two guys are about the twinkiest that we have on the roster, so it just made sense to have them in a scene together.

We had been keeping this scene for Freshmen, but with so many new guys coming along we decided to bring it to you over here instead.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy Belami boys Justin Saradon and Sven Basquiat stroking their massive thick uncut cocks

Belami says: It’s raining men this week as we welcome Justin Saradon and Sven Basquiat back as joint models of the week.

Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our ‘Art Collection’ sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions.… Read the rest of the post

Belami hot twink Justin Saradon’s huge young uncut cock bare fucks hottie dude Ben Radcliffe

Belami says: Please don’t get too excited when seeing Andre in the intro to this clip, as he runs away before the action starts, but he is replaced by fellow sweetheart, Justin Saradon, so we hope that will make up for it.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy top twink Dylan Maguire’s big thick dick raw fucking young hottie Giulio Pasolini’s bare ass

Belami says: Sometimes it is good to share, but at other times it is OK to be a little greedy, as Dylan decides today when presented with the choice of sharing Giulio with Jim, or keeping him for himself.

This scene was filmed for our special Jim and Dylan project, but in the end, we decided to use most of the scenes individually….… Read the rest of the post

Belami bottom boy Andrei Karenin’s hot hole pummeled by Kirk Gauguin’s huge raw dick

Belami says: On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy young European dude Helmut Huxley barebacking bottom boy Bart Cuban’s hot hole

Belami says: Today our two lovers Helmut Huxley and Bart Cuban are lying on the bed with Helmut blowing Bart’s huge Hungarian uncut dick.

Helmut knows how to pleasure a big cock and he swallows it down until Bart’s balls are on his lips, making Bart moan with pleasure.… Read the rest of the post

Belami Ruben Broady cheeky smile as he jerks his big thick uncut cock to an explosive cum load

Belami says: Today we introduce you to sexy floppy-haired young twink, Ruben Broady, who eyes have an amazing intensity.

As the camera pans down his smooth body and nice shaped abs he hooks his thumb into the waistband of his sweatpants showing off just a hint of his pubic hair.… Read the rest of the post

Belami group gay sex orgy Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, Kieran Benning and Sven Basquiat big uncut dick anal

Belami says: Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, and Kieran Benning are already lying naked on the bed when Sven Basquiat calls out, “anybody here?” as he enters the apartment.

The sexy studs, jerking their huge erect uncut dicks, hide ready to surprise hottie blonde Sven as he wanders into the bedroom.… Read the rest of the post

Belami blonde young stud Brian Jovovich’s hot asshole bare fucked by Raoul Vargas’s huge twink dick

Belami says: Blonde-haired young hunk Brian Jovovich and sexy dark-haired Raoul Vargas lie on the bed in just their shorts before Brian unleashes Raoul’s already big rock solid uncut cock from his shorts.

He jerks it slowly watching his foreskin flip back and forth over his big pink cockhead then wrapping his lips around it and polishing the tip with his tongue.… Read the rest of the post

Belami Manuel Rios’s hot hairy asshole bare fucked by young muscle stud Rocco Alfieri’s huge thick uncut dick

Belami says: We catch big muscled Belami boy Manuel Rios in the gym buffing up before his meeting with sexy stud Rocco Alfieri.

As Manuel showers, he is joined by Rocco who rips off his tight shorts and rims his hot hairy asshole getting it ready for his big uncut dick.… Read the rest of the post

Belami Online – Gay Porn Site Review

In terms of sheer quality, Belami Online is at the top of the gay twink porn tree in terms of quality of both production and gay porn standards. Stunningly beautiful ripped young central European studs star in high-definition videos. Belami boys are all ripped, muscular, and sporting huge uncut dicks.… Read the rest of the post

Hottie twink new Belami boy Hudson King strips nude wanking his big uncut dick

Belami says: A wry smile breaks across the beautiful face of newbie Belami boy Hudson King as he lies on the bed amongst the bedclothes in just his jeans with his Calvin Klein undies exposed just a little.

As the camera pans down we see Hudson slip his jeans off giving us a glimpse of his big crotch bulge.… Read the rest of the post

Belami young bottom twink Derek Caravaggio’s hole bareback fucked by Riff Dornan’s huge uncut cock

Belami says: Riff Dornan is feeling super horny and he just wants to have sex with young hottie, Derek Caravaggio.

Riff leans in and kisses Derek squarely on the lips as he pushes him gently back onto the couch.

Kneeling down Riff pulls at Derek’s sweatpants exposing his hairy crotch and soft uncut cock which springs to attention as soon as it bounces freely.… Read the rest of the post

Hottie Belami boys Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin’s tight asses raw fucked by Joel Birkin’s huge uncut cock

Belami says: Sexy young stud Joel Birkin slides his short pants down his huge erect uncut cock already outlined. As he whips them off his massive hard dick bounces into view.

Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin are both shocked by the size.… Read the rest of the post

Belami horny young blue-eyed boy Axel Elbe strokes his soft uncut dick to a massive erection

Belami says: Sexy young blue-eyed dude Axel Elbe poses with his shorts just down far enough to expose his hairy crotch.

His ripped body looks amazing and he’s got a killer smile.

As the camera pans down his sexy body we then see him seated looking uber relaxed and cool.… Read the rest of the post

Belami sexy young dude Kieran Benning’s bareback fucks Rick Palmer’s hot bubble butt

Belami says: Rick Palmer is feeling horny on the phone with his lover all the while rubbing his hard cock beneath his towel.

Kieran Benning arrives a bit flustered at being late stripping off his t-shirt and getting to work sucking down hard on Rick’s big erect dick.… Read the rest of the post

Belami hot young Euro studs Pip Caulfield and Fabien Jacq mutual masturbation ends with huge cum explosion

Belami says: Today I introduce you to a brand new mate straight Aussie muscle boy Matthew Attard. I first met this 23-year-old online and we got chatting.

Matthew comes from the suburbs of Melbourne and he’d been interested in doing a shoot for me for quite some time, about doing a shoot.… Read the rest of the post

Hottie Belami boy Niko Vangelis’s huge thick uncut cock raw fucks sexy newbie dude Nikk Lanier’s hot hole

Belami says: Niko Vangelis and Nikk Lanier are totally nude standing in the kitchen before they retire to the living room with young new stud Nikk lying back on the armchair giving Niko, the first taste of his big soft dick.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy young ripped twink Jules Bourget wanks his curve uncut dick spraying his load over his abs at Belami

Belami says: We first glimpse Jules Bourget standing in just his sexy tight yellow Calvin Klein undies with his soft uncut cock making quite a crotch bulge.

As he moves about his six-pack abs ripple and we see him posing for the camera with a quiet confidence that is unusual for someone so new to the gay porn scene.… Read the rest of the post