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Dirty Scout says: This young man didn’t like his previous jobs, they were so boring.

He hoped that I’d find him something more fun and creative.

He was wrong. I didn’t have anything fun in store, only a cook job at a village restaurant.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: This young man wasn’t exactly a candidate with huge potential.

He was 25 years old, still lived with his parents, and had only one job during his life, from which he got fired for being lazy.

He was a trained cook but had no actual experience.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: This long-haired young man was looking for a job in Prague before moving there.

He studied to be a nurse but never worked in healthcare.

Instead, he was job-hopping, expecting to find something enjoyable eventually.

We decided that a back-office position at an insurance company would be worth a try this time, mainly because of a nice salary.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: This applicant was a bit cheeky and didn’t like some of my questions.

I think this whole interview was really boring him, the only thing he was interested in was money.

The guy was looking for a bigger challenge but mainly was after a larger salary.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: Well trying to interview this sexy young man was very difficult and I would have given up had he not been so cute.

He appeared to be so lazy and he had absolutely no idea what he would thought he would like to do.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: This young man dropped out of school and needed a proper job as soon as possible.

His girlfriend was pregnant so there were serious life changes coming. Situations like these are always easier to handle when you have pockets full of cash.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: This young man was interesting. He studied agriculture and then worked at a farm for some time.

He liked the job, the only problem there was his boss.

You know, the dude was quite handsome, and I am gay.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: Today I met this very cute dude Matej who had just quit his good job as a male nurse at a local hospital and was looking for something new and exciting.

He’d had a few previous jobs but they left him exhausted and he didn’t feel he was living life to the full.… Read the rest of the post

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Dirty Scout says: Pepa looked quite sexy when he entered my office.

I was surprised to hear this cutie was 23.

He was fair game, and I was gonna get him.

Pepa had a tough life; he was bullied so hard he didn’t finish high school.… Read the rest of the post

Dirty Scout 51


Dirty Scout says: This had to be the shyest boy I have ever met in my office. At the first sight he looked very poor. To my surprise he didn’t complain, he lived in a small apartment in Prague and was happy with what he had.

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Dirty Scout says: When you are young it can be very hard to get the job of your dreams.

As you often lack experience you have to settle with something less interesting.

This young man wanted to work in IT but couldn’t find anything.… Read the rest of the post

Dirty Scout 49


Dirty Scout says: This boy looked very shy and nervous. His appearance was a bit informal but he was handsome. It took some effort to squeeze a word out of him, I guess he was a bit camera shy.

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Dirty Scout 50


Dirty Scout says: Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story to tell. Like this guy. He has never met his dad, his mother died when he was a child, and his grandfather soon after that.

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Dirty Scout 53


Dirty Scout says: It was really intense for the boy. He looked a bit desperate for coin. His outfit was terrible but at least he bothered with a clean shave. He came to my office looking for a construction job.

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Dirty Scout 60

Dirty Scout says: A cute Slovakian guy came to my office today. He wanted to move to the Czech Republic to seek a better life. Good he came to my office.

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Dirty Scout 56


Dirty Scout says: You know what’s really weird? That every shy boy I meet in my office has a huge dong. And this one was exceptionally big. Too bad the boy wasn’t gay otherwise who knows where this interview would go.

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Dirty Scout 55


Dirty Scout says: This guy looked a bit eccentric. He barged into my office without knocking. Judging by his appearance, he looked like he came straight from a party.

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Dirty Scout 48


Dirty Scout says: Finally I’m back at the office. It was terrible just lying around at home knowing I was missing so many cute boys. This Slovakian fitness enthusiast made me forget about it completely.

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