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Freshmen gay twink orgy Ashton Montana, Eluan Jeunet, Tom Houston and Yannis Paluan bareback ass fucking

Freshmen says: Today we have a hot gay Freshmen orgy with hot tops Yannis Paluan and Eluan Jeunet bareback fucking Tom Houston and Ashton Montana’s hot asshole.

The sexy foursome starts off chatting on the sofa in just their Calvin Klein undies.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen newbie young toned muscle boy Riis Erikson naked and wanking his soft uncut dick

Freshmen says: Under a blue sky that perfectly matches the color of his beautiful eyes, we meet our latest newbie Riis Erikson.

This stunning photoset was captured in Greece and brings us closer to an amazing guy with an awesome body and breathtaking looks.Read the rest of the post

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Freshmen says: Young hottie Jamie Eliot is on the sofa in just his tight sexy underwear pondering his first chess move when he is joined by total newbie freshmen stud Clint Newman.

Clint’s huge erection is obvious for all to see as his big dick is tenting his white Calvin Klein undies.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen cute young new twink Benoit Ulliel bareback fucked by sexy top Nate Donaghy

Freshmen says: Today we see young sexy Benoit Ulliel in his very first sex scene for Freshmen with Nate Donaghy taking him through the ropes.

In charge as the coach, Nate leans down and pulls off Benoit’s t-shirt revealing his super ripped six-pack abs.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen sexy young Euro dude Dino Fendi’s big raw dick fucking Nils Tatum’s smooth bubble butt

Freshmen says: It’s been a while since we had a Nils Tatum update on our website as he no longer really qualifies as a “freshman”.

But today he is paired with Dino Fendi who most definitely does.

Nils meets Dino during an introduction for his promo video with Viggo.… Read the rest of the post

Belami boys Andy McAllister and Hugo Diorr hardcore twink dick anal raw fucking

Belami says: Twink day today features Andy McAllister and Hugo Boss.

These two guys are about the twinkiest that we have on the roster, so it just made sense to have them in a scene together.

We had been keeping this scene for Freshmen, but with so many new guys coming along we decided to bring it to you over here instead.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen horny young hunk Matt Thurman’s huge uncut cock raw fucks blonde boy Hans Lagerfeld

Freshmen says: Today Jerome Exupery is learning how to be behind the camera instead of in front. He is lucky as both Matt Thurman and Hans Lagerfeld are super horny with raging hard-ons.

As they sit next to each other on the couch, Jerome asks to see them kiss.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen sexy young dude Kristian Bresson’s big twink uncut cock raw fucking Nikk Lanier’s boy hole

Freshmen says: Newbie Freshmen Kristian Bresson and Nikk Lanier lie on the sofa making out kissing passionately.

Nikk slides Kristian’s pants down releasing his bouncy fully erect big uncut dick, and he quickly wraps his lips around Kristian’s huge mushroom cockhead.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen Johnny McLeod strips naked showing off his big muscular body and huge uncut dick

Freshmen says: Some of you might remember a model named Tristan McLeod who worked for our chat website.

Today, we would like to introduce you to his younger brother Johnny.

It cannot be denied that there are many similarities between the two brothers; both have stunning good looks, fierce hot bodies, and beautifully shaped thick dicks.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen hot young top Kirk Gauguin’s big uncut dick raw fucking newbie twink John Leto

Freshmen says: Innocent newcomer John Leto in his very first scene has sexy young Kirk Gauguin to guide him through.

In just their tight underwear the boys lie on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

John lies back and lets the more experienced Kirk suck his thick uncut dick.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen sexy bottom boy Jorik Tautou’s tight bubble butt raw fucked by Justin Saradon’s huge uncut dick

Freshmen says: When sexy young dude Jorik Tautou arrives Justin Saradon can’t hide his smile as he beams “I’m so happy to have you here!”

“I like you cos you’re quite little,” Justin continues.

The two sexy boys strip off their t-shirts as they romantically kiss their lips entwined as they feel each other’s ripped young bodies.… Read the rest of the post

Goodlooking young European cutie Ben Lilly wanks his big uncut boy cock to a massive cum explosion at Freshmen

Freshmen says: Today we get a first look at our brand new hottie Ben Lilly. Ben’s dark hair and smoldering dark eyes just shout out sexy and he’s certainly one of the most photogenic of young guys.

He’s quite a bit nervous on his very first ever photoshoot but he takes direction well and seems to have managed to charm the photography into the bargain.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen sexy twink John Leto’s hot bare asshole raw fucked by muscle boy Jens Christensen’s massive uncut cock

Freshmen says: Ripped young dude John Leto and sexy blonde stud Jens Christensen are standing in front of the mirror with their shirts off admiring each other’s hot bodies.

While both young men have well-defined six-packs and nicely developed chests and arms John is a little embarrassed when Jens mentions that he thinks John has gained some muscle mass.… Read the rest of the post

Freshmen new young star Jamie Eliot’s huge thick raw cock barebacking hottie stud Jim Durden’s ass hole

Freshmen says: As they get naked Jim Durden gets on top and takes control of the situation with newbie young stud Jamie Eliot.

Both young men are sporting huge uncut dicks as they make out kissing passionately feeling each other’s ripped bodies and rock-hard cocks.… Read the rest of the post

Young Hungarian boy Lars Nogaard solo jerk off

Freshmen says: Lars Norgaard is a name which may sound very exotic and Nordic and the boy coming with this name definitely looks also exotic and Nordic. The truth however is much more mundane and Lars is a boy from a very small city in southern Hungary and comes with all the baggage and prejudices of any small town boy.

Read the rest of the post

Hot young ripped twinks Peter Annaud and Gino Mosca hardcore ass fucking


Freshmen says: There are not so many boys who can take Peter Annaud’s dick without any apparent effort. Gino Mosca is one of them though. It is good to see that Peter, with his improving performance skills is also a rising star in the popularity stakes amongst customers (and GD observes here that he is also a lot easier to work with than Jack Harrer.

Read the rest of the post

Shane Sanders cumming while being both fucked and sucked by Dylan Maguire at the same time

Freshmen says: Even though DeHanoia is telling me that this scene is fairly tame by Dylan Maguire’s standards, it has the special highlight of Shane Sanders cumming while being both fucked and sucked by Dylan at the same time.

Read the rest of the post

Hot young ripped dudes Jack Harrer and Justin Saradon bareback ass fucking

Freshmen says: After last week’s authentic but small dicked special, we decided to make up for it with this XL special. The first qualifying scene is with Jack Harrer and Justin Saradon and even though Justin is not the best deep throater that we have he more than makes up for it in the rest of the scene.

Read the rest of the post

Young naked dudes Peter Annaud and Bob Marghiela bareback raw cock anal fucking

Freshmen says: Bob Marghiela is Peter Annaud’s dream partner Bob excels at blow jobs, can endure any sized dick, is well-equipped himself, and fucks with intensity I guess that would make him just about everyone’s dream partner For those who feel we’re overdoing it with big dicks this week, I promise we’ll have a small-dick edition later to make up for it.

Read the rest of the post

Sexy young Euro boys Nino Valens and Nate Donaghy hardcore ass fucking

Freshmen says: Some may say Nino Valens is too skinny, some that Nate Donaghy is past his prime. Perhaps. But both boys are fully committed to giving all of you a five-star performance every time.

Read the rest of the post

Smooth young European muscle twinks Jason and Christian hardcore ass fucking

Freshmen says: Even our most observant customers make mistakes. Last week, after reviewing our preview images, Geoffrey was under the impression we would be getting a third scene today. Who can blame him?

Read the rest of the post

Gorgeous young dudes Jamie Durrell and Nate Donaghy hot loving duo

Freshmen says: Nate Donaghy’s freckled shyness nicely combines with Jamie Durrell’s cheery intensity to make a sweet and tender scene. This was filmed as part of last year’s Greek production and is the only scene with Nate as he had to leave early for a family emergency.

Read the rest of the post

Freshmen young hottie blonde dude Olaf Mortensen’s hole barebacked by horny top Paul Cassidy’s big thick cock

Freshmen says: Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Olaf Mortensen arrive at their beautiful holiday apartment and head straight for the bathroom for a post-travel cleansing shower.

Once they are clean and dry Paul and Olaf jump on the bed and start making out, kissing passionately.… Read the rest of the post

Newbie young twink Cory Ellis’s first time bare ass fucked by Jerome Exupery’s huge uncut dick

Freshmen says: Cory Ellis is a touch nervous today it’s the first video outing of the new year and he is partnered with one of our sexiest young men Jerome Exupery.

Jerome leads the way as he feels Cory’s crotch and finds a huge young uncut cock tenting his sexy undies.… Read the rest of the post

Dylan Maguire’s huge twink uncut dick bare fucking hottie young blonde dude Olaf Mortensen’s hot hole

Freshmen says: Blonde young stud Olaf Mortensen leads Dylan Maguire in through the kitchen with a huge uncut erection sticking out of his shorts.

He pushes Olaf down onto the bed and kisses him passionately licking his nipples with his tongue.… Read the rest of the post

Curly haired young stud Jerome Exupery introduces newbie hottie Matt Thurman’s solo big uncut dick jerk off

Freshmen says: Sexy young newbie Matt Thurman is interviewed by Jerome Exupery. Both are totally naked apart from Jerome who is wearing just some grey socks.

At the start of the interview, 20-year-old Matt is sitting there quietly nervous with a big soft uncut dick.… Read the rest of the post

Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan’s huge uncut dick bareback fucking ripped muscled dude Viggo Sorensen’s tight ass hole

Freshmen says: Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan is on his knees sucking down hard on Viggo Sorensen’s thick uncut dick making him moan in delight.

Ripped muscle stud Viggo is rubbing his nipples as Yannis’ lips envelope his big cock all the way to his balls.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy young twink John Leto’s hot bare hole bareback fucked by Sammy Poulain’s huge twink cock

Freshmen says: John Leto and Sammy Poulain are trying on tight skimpy underwear together.

“Hey look at my tan,” suggests John, “I did my homework.”

“I don’t think so,” Sammy responds, “You are so pale.”

The young boys lean into each other a kiss on the lips while feeling each others’ asses in their underwear.… Read the rest of the post

Hottie ripped young studs Yannis Paluan and Mario Texeiras’ big raw dick bareback fucking reverse cowboy

Freshmen says: Yannis Paluan and Mario Texeira star in another episode of our Budapest Adventure series.

The sexy boys Yannis and Mario are visiting the city and enjoying the sunny weather.

After flirting continuously during the day the horny pair head back to their apartment to get to know each other better.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy ripped young stud Rico Gabbani’s huge twink uncut dick barebacking Stefan Faber’s hot hole

Freshmen says: We are introducing two newbies today Rico Gabbani and Stefan Faber. We suggested they start off playing strip poker but neither boy seemed that interested but they suggested a game of indoor athletic strip tennis.

How could we not agree, so expect to see the boys ducking and diving after the ball as they strip off their clothes.… Read the rest of the post