Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland


Naked Sword says: Tommy Defendi botches an attempt to steal a trick’s wallet, leaving he and his buddy Connor Maguire flat broke.

The Dirty Rascals meet at a cafe where Connor reads news of the demise of the Countess Fellini, an infamous character of great wealth with no living heirs.

Intending to abscond with a portion of the Countess’s fortune Connor and Tommy decide to pose as long lost relatives from America and hitchhike to Fellini’s countryside castle.

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Into The Wilde: Episode 1


Naked Sword says: Christian Wilde was so turned on by his first time bottoming that NakedSword asked the sex-crazed stud if he had any other hot fantasies he wanted to live out. Of course he did. Before we knew it, we had Into the Wilde, a NakedSword Original series where Christian’s act outs his dirtiest sex dreams.

In the first episode, it’s sex on the road when Christian gives Brandon Jones a tour of San Francisco that isn’t in any guide book, but should be. It’s two hot boys in the back of a moving van, fucking like there’s no tomorrow in front of the city’s most famous tourist sites. read more

Young grease monkeys Kyler Ash and Kory Houston flip flop fucking with boss daddy Trenton Ducati

Naked Sword says: Horned up grease monkeys Kyler Ash and Kory Houston are hitting the hooch hard and soon they turn their attention to each other’s hard cocks.

Right in the middle of the throat-fucking, ass-pounding action the young greasers are joined by boss daddy Trenton Ducati who shows these punks the ins and outs of a hot flip-flop-fuck three way.

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Daddy’s boy Evan Mercy fucks older hairy hunk David Chase’s ass till it is red raw

Naked Sword says: What’s do you do if you’re a married man curious about gay sex? Hire a professional, of course. David Chase is a dedicated family man, but he’s always wondered if there wasn’t more beyond his sexual picket fence. When his wife and kids go out of town, he hires Evan Mercy for a little discreet exploration. Hairy David still gets to play daddy, but for an entirely new kind of boy.

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Skater punk Evan Mercy shows him the joys of man-on-man sex as David tries dick for the first time, sucking and getting sucked by Evan. Evan knows how to please this hungry dad, and by the end he’s flipped the script and fucking his handsome client. Something tells us this boys getting a raise in his allowance. Get this video at Naked Sword! read more

Brady Jensen and Brian Bonds at Naked Sword

Naked Sword says: BelAmi Online exclusive Brady Jensen his following his dreams and moving to San Francisco, having been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the face of a new fragrance. For an aspiring model like Brady, its a dream come true, not only has he just signed a one-year modeling contract, but his new company is paying for his move, his apartment, and all his moving expenses. As the movers bring in his stuff, it quickly becomes clear that one of the movers Brian Bonds has his eye on the up-and-coming model: After sending the other movers home, Brian can’t wait to offer up a housewarming present he isn’t going to soon forget: His delicious, tight ass! Brady puts the powerbottom to the test, pushing the hungry bottom to the limit in a scorching-hot scene. read more

Horsehung Josh West fucking away the young pup Troy Daniels inhibitions

Naked Sword says: Are you on the list? Inspired by an actual San Francisco sex party, NakedSword’s Private Party takes you as a plus-one into an underground world of no strings attached sex. Josh West and Troy Daniels meet in a writhing sea of flesh, but can’t keep their eyes off of each other. Did Troy Daniels come with someone else? Does it matter?

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Eldorado Pictures presents Fucked-Raw Alessio Romero, Alex Mason, Brad Kalvo, Hugh Hunter, Jackson Fillmore, Marcos Mateo, Matt Stevens, Ray Diesel and Stephen Harte

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These sexual champions stuff solid cock into their mouth whilst hands and fingers explore furry flesh, peachy butts and twitching holes.

They can’t keep their hands off of each other and it’s not long before they come together for an all-out bareback-fest full of messy blowjobs, wild threesomes and non-stop raw fucking that will always end in a huge, sticky explosions. read more

Colby Keller, Levi Karter and Will Wikle go on an ass fucking thrilling ride with The Stillest Hour

Men for Men Blog NakedSword-Colby-Keller-Levi-Karter-Will-Wikle-ass-fucking-anal-The-Stillest-Hour-001-gallery-video-photo Colby Keller, Levi Karter and Will Wikle go on an ass fucking thrilling ride with The Stillest Hour Naked Sword  Will Wikle tumblr Will Wikle tube Will Wikle torrent Will Wikle pornstar Will Wikle porno Will Wikle porn Will Wikle penis Will Wikle nude Will Wikle NakedSword com Will Wikle naked Will Wikle myvidster Will Wikle gay pornstar Will Wikle gay porn Will Wikle gay Will Wikle gallery Will Wikle fucking Will Wikle cock Will Wikle bottom Will Wikle blogspot Will Wikle ass streaming gay porn movies nude NakedSword NakedSword Will Wikle NakedSword Tube NakedSword Torrent NakedSword Levi Karter NakedSword Colby Keller naked sword naked NakedSword naked man Levi Karter tumblr Levi Karter tube Levi Karter torrent Levi Karter pornstar Levi Karter porno Levi Karter porn Levi Karter penis Levi Karter nude Levi Karter NakedSword com Levi Karter naked Levi Karter myvidster Levi Karter gay pornstar Levi Karter gay porn Levi Karter gay Levi Karter gallery Levi Karter fucking Levi Karter cock Levi Karter bottom Levi Karter blogspot Levi Karter ass hot naked NakedSword gay vod gay video on demand Colby Keller tumblr Colby Keller tube Colby Keller torrent Colby Keller pornstar Colby Keller porno Colby Keller porn Colby Keller penis Colby Keller nude Colby Keller NakedSword com Colby Keller naked Colby Keller myvidster Colby Keller gay pornstar Colby Keller gay porn Colby Keller gay Colby Keller gallery Colby Keller fucking Colby Keller cock Colby Keller bottom Colby Keller blogspot Colby Keller ass

Naked Sword says: From award winning director Jake Jaxson comes a twisted new take on the psycho-sexual thriller genre featuring the star power of Colby Keller, Levi Karter, and pop culture icon Will Wikle in his porn debut.

When a straight-laced psychotherapist takes on an attractive new client with a free spirited yet artistically haunted lifestyle, his good will and professionalism are tested when the man begins unloading his anxieties over a boy who appears to be stalking him.

See Colby Keller, Levi Karter and Will Wikle go on an ass fucking thrilling ride with The Stillest Hour here!

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Justin West & Eric Michaels gay sex orgy at Naked Sword

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Bryce Star and Parker Perry in Hooker Stories at Naked Sword

Naked Sword says: Sometimes even hot boys need a hooker. The second episode of NakedSword’s Hooker Stories finds club hottie Bryce Star heading home at dawn, but not wanting the party to stop. After a few bumps and a few failed attempts at a hook-up, he dials up an escort to drill him senseless. Get this video at Naked Sword!

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Donkey-dicked Parker Perry does more than that. After the boys do a fat bump, Parker treats Bryce to the full menu of hookerdom: sucking, fucking, hole-play, even an off-the-couch pile driver! It’s epic, intense sex that only a professional can provide. Bryce swallows Parker’s load with a smile, and sends Parker on his way – one satisfied customer. read more