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Fresh SX says: Hot 26 year old South African guy Adam Jones is on his first shoot at FreshSX so admits he is a little nervous in front of the cameras. When he is not flexing those muscles in the gym he likes to flex his love muscle in the bedroom, girls only I am afraid, yes Adam is a breeder. Adam is one super hot muscle boy with a big tattoo on the left of his stomach pointing the way to his manly prize.

Adam has a lovely smooth body with great pecs and arms which really sets him out from the crowd as does his gorgeously posh South African accent. He is clearly a young man of some breeding. (ooops, sorry!)

As he reaches inside his skimpy white gym shorts you get a glimpse of his still soft cock nestling in amongst his trimmed pubes. Gosh it is hot in (t)here. You also get a glimpse of the wings of a huge eagle tattoo stretching from shoulder to shoulder across his back. Hmmmm.

When he releases his cock from its prison lair you notice that it bends unmistakeably to his left. Don’t you just love a wonky willie. Whilst his dick is not super huge it sure would feel good inside. He rubs and rolls it against his body massaging it and his balls. Then he slides it slowly inside a well lubed Fleshjack, he’s clearly got one of these at home. As he gets to work with the Fleshjack you can see his cock through the clear plastic, imagining how his cock would feel in a real hole of the manly variety.

Pumping away he kneels down to get some traction going. Then rubbing the excess lube over his body he carries on Fleshjacking all the while his abdominal muscle flex and contract in a glorious display of macho pleasure. Speeding up it is clear that Adam is close to the edge, as he spunks a full load of gooey white cum all over his rippling abs. What a video. Get this video at Fresh SX!


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