June 17, 2021

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Brad Adonis – your hot boy next door neighbour?

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Brad Adonis – your hot boy next door neighbour?

Paragon Men says: Remember spying on your hot next-door neighbor playing basketball shirtless? Sweaty balls bouncing under revealing nylon as he dribbled? He’s all grown up! Paragon presents Brad: sexy, sporty and full of spunk.
At 5’9″, 8″ of meat and an enviable 28″ waist, Brad is the idealized All-American boy.


He’s into cooking, dancing, and fitness in general. The results of his work are revealed in every angle of his golden delicious physique in an PH XXX shoot where he takes his time getting off. Believe us, it’s worth the wait to see this stud spill!


He may not have any tattoos or freaky fetishes, but this son of Massachusetts is no pilgrim. He’s an exhibitionist who loves public sex. No wonder his hair is all mussed up. In high school, his girlfriend wrote about having sex with him in her diary (stupid!) which her father found and confronted him in a serious sit-down. Brad simply told daddy-O, “I didn’t mean to turn you on.”


Celebrity he’d switch for? Ryan Reynolds. Heck, Brad could be Ryan’s stunt double, the difference being that this chiseled superstar is only a click away – nipples for tweaking, hair for teasing, cock for pleasing.




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