James Jamesson and Jett Jax


James Jamesson and Jett Jax

Next Door Buddies says: It’s break time at the hospital and for two orderlies, James Jamesson & Jett Jax, that means sneaking off to an adjacent, unused office to sneak in a quickie.


James leads the way as Jett pushes him up against the examining table, wasting no time pulling down his scrubs and swallowing his big dick.

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Real straight buff surfer Nyles 22 year old with a killer all natural body and big dick


Island Studs says: California surfer Nyles says with excitement, as he walks fully nude toward the waves holding his surfboard in one hand and wiggling his amazing rugby muscle butt as he walks on the public beach in Hawaii in this exclusive video from island studs.

If you missed surf instructor Nyles and big daddy van playing football and skinny dipping together in naked football #5 from island studs, join now as you will not want to miss Nyles’ surfing and jerking off for the first time.

Nyles, 22, 6′, 155 lbs is totally comfortable showing everyone on the public beach his naked, tan, totally natural athletic body and perfect white surfer bubble butt.

Once again, island studs delivers another real straight buff surfer with a killer, all natural body, catching waves naked on a public beach in Hawaii.

Once in the privacy of the condo, Nyles becomes completely uninhibited, spreading his legs wide open and rubbing his beautiful rock hard californian boy cock and hairy ball sack on the sofa.


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JR Adams


Boy Crush says: When JR Adams doesn’t have someone on hand to slide their big dick into his wanton ass, he knows how to make do and enjoy himself anyway. He has a big dildo to appreciate in this solo jack off, and that rock hard slick dick shows that he’s loving every thrust as he slides it up into his hole, rides it cowboy style and jerks out a creamy cum load.


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Shy young straight stud Ryan Lewis wanks his massive 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Ryan Lewis is slightly shy at the beginning of his shoot, but as with many models once their clothes come off and their cock is in their hand they relax.

So Ryan was slightly cautious, but he is soon enjoying showing off his body and he isn’t shy about any of it as you can enjoy his hole, surround by a blond fuzz and when not showing his hole he is wanking that massive cock, must be at least 8 inches.

After pumping his meat he lies back and gushes a nice load into his hand and down his shaft, one of those squirt and oozing type of orgasms.



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Straight soccer dudes Luca James and Bailey Gibson wank each others big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Best friends Luca James and Bailey Gibson did a shoot for our sister website and those were solo shoots, today they came together and accepted the challenge to push their boundaries.

Both play football and go to the gym and have lean and toned bodies which they enjoy showing off and the lads strip each other down completely naked. They have a play with their own uncut cocks and before you know it they are wanking each other.

Wow, now straight mates shouldn’t be doing this and they know it, some tension, but they do an amazing job at tossing off each other. They show their holes and lie back and shoot their cum, Bailey first shoots big followed by Luca. Thank you boys, will you go any further.


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Hot older hunk D Arclyte destroys young hottie Nic Sahara’s virgin asshole

Sneak Peak Simon Hollander


English Lads says: When Simon Hollander removes his trousers we see his large uncut cock, which he plays with which soon gets hard and erect. He’s got large balls too, and plays with them, parting his bum cheeks so we can see his tight little ass hole.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


All the English Lads updates right here!


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Straight Boyz big cock – he’s met this dude dressed as a women and persuaded him to have sex with her (him)


Straight Boyz says: The Straight Boyz cocksucker is at it again, he’s met this dude dressed as a women and persuaded him to have sex with her (him) with their eyes blindfolded with obscure swimming goggles.

The straight young men are always really up for it and lie there as their big dicks are sucked balls deep by our Mr Missy. Today’s straight victim has an enormously thick dick which Mr Missy cocksucker has a trouble getting down his throat.

Another fun episode from those treacherous Straight Boyz.


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