Brian Jovovich and Phillipe Gaudin


Belami says: Brian Jovovich is not a newbie anymore and over time he has become one of our most fully versatile models so in this scene we paired him with another one of our fully versatile performers, Phillipe Gaudin.

In this sexy pairing it’s hard to say who would be the bottom but as the scene develops we can easily see who is in charge.

Brian knows exactly what Phillipe likes so he lets him enjoy his big uncut dick beginning with some oral and ending with Phillipe getting topped by Brian who handles him like a pro.



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Brian Jovovich pumps his huge raw uncut dick deep into newbie Yuri Alpatow’s tight boy hole


Belami says: Yuri Alpatow may only have joined the Belami party just recently but that hasn’t stopped this sexy young stud from getting plowed by some of the biggest uncut twinks in Prague. The city where big young uncut dicks abound.

True to form Yuri gets bareback fucked by super ripped young man Brian Jovovich..



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Flip flop fucking Brian Jovovich and Steve Russell


Belami says: It’s not well know but Brian Jovovich works for us as a production manager in our Bratislava office, taking over more responsibilities from Phillipe while he is overseas studying English.

One perk of the job is that it gives him plenty of excuses to browse the catalog of boys and dream about which ones he wants next. It also gives him the advantage of being to influence the same decision making process.

According to Brian’s matching algorithm he decides that he will be a good match with Steve Russell and we were not ones to disagree on this choice, only insisting that it should be a flip flop scene with each of the guys taking turns to fuck each other.

What do you think? Did Brian make the right choice.



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