Dan Broughton and Will Robson


English Lads says: Young straight guy Will Robson is wanking his cock through his boxer shorts. Dan Broughton disturbs him but Will grabs Dan’s erect dick and wanks him off. Then Will slides his huge erect cock between Dan’s ass cheeks and right up Dan’s hot boy hole.

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Russell Gregory


English Lads says: Young stud Russell Gregory has a smooth body with a few tattoos with muscular hairy legs. His soft cock grows to a huge erection at just a light touch. Russell fingers his hairy boy hole then jerks out a nice load of boy cum across his abs.

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Dan Broughton fucked by Kevin Wilson for the first time


Dan Broughton fucked by Kevin Wilson for the first time

English Lads says: Kevin Wilson is one of these young straight men who you just can’t predict; during his recent shoot at Fit Young Men he seemed quite laid back, but he did a solo for English Lads and although he thoroughly enjoyed it, he blocked any suggestion of going a little further.

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Today therefore didn’t happen easily, though Kevin once he agreed to do the shoot got well into it. Watch out for Kevin as he deals with Dan pushing his boundaries. You can enjoy Kevin’s hairy hole and his uncut cock is real hard as Dan wanks him and generally gives him a full body workout. read more

Blue eyed boy Tim Riley jerks his 8 inch cock


Blue eyed boy Tim Riley jerks his 8 inch cock

English Lads says: Tim Riley is a tall young man from north west England with bright blue eyes, a cheeky smile and as he looses his clothes an ability to make your jaw drop open. We shoot many lads with great bodies, Tim scores well on that front, down to his boxers you are allured by a bulge, is it a small sticky out one or something more.

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Well there is something more and something more; Tim is blessed with a long soft one that looks as thick as his wrist, he plays a little and it grows, he plays a little more and it grows some more, this is one hell of a tool Tim is over 8 inches long and its nearly 7 inches round, that is one solid thick piece of meat that when aroused sticks straight up with that rocket like quality. read more

Alfie Preston


English Lads says: Alfie Preston has a great athletic body, nice sized muscles and solid definition. As he drops his boxers, his big uncut cock gets real hard and he pumps out a nice cum load on his abs, laid back and confident one horny straight young pup.

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Smooth straight young muscle boy Jaden Hicks


Smooth straight young muscle boy Jaden Hicks

English Lads says: Jaden is best mates with Ben one of our other models and the two lads are like two peas in a pod; they both can’t believe they are taking off their kit and getting hard and wanking off on camera, but it is strangely enjoyable.

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Jaden is tall and dark, has an incredible toned body with a little bit of hair here and there and this personal trainer drops his pants, touches his cock and then you realize how fit he is; his cock rises up in seconds and his uncut meat is soon pointing up and bouncing to the beat of his heart. read more

18 year old Chris Troy stripped down to his boxers


18 year old Chris Troy stripped down to his boxers

English Lads says: Chris Troy is still eighteen and after doing several shoots with him he comes across as a mid twenties guy; he is brimming full of confidence and strips down to his boxers and is soon out of them pumping some iron.

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Chris is working towards a body building competition later this year and is proud to be out of his boxers and he grabs his uncut cock and works his meat and its soon real hard. I tease him about how hard he is and before I know it his cock is in my hand and he is happily getting wanked off. read more

Straight guy Stewart Hammond receives Chris Little’s big uncut cock at English Lads


Straight guy Stewart Hammond receives Chris Little’s big uncut cock

English Lads says: Slightly shy Stewart paired with naughty boy Chris and you certainly get some hot straight lad on straight lad action! Chris starts things off giving Stewart some head who returns the favor, both lads are pretty good now at giving head and get real hard when they have a cock in their mouth.

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Before you know it Stewart is getting fucked and does a great job at receiving Chris rabbit like fucking actions, some hot sex only leads to one thing and that is Stewart unloading a stream of cum on his leg while getting fucked and Chris kneeling over Stewart and exploding with stream after stream of cum shooting four feet. read more

Jon Wills


English Lads says: 21 year old Jon Wills is the slightly less muscular identical twin of Rich Wills. Once Jon gets naked you see they share the same huge endowment, a large uncut soft cock with huge cum filled balls. As Jon lies back and jerks off, like his brother he tenses up his whole body, every muscle taught, before spurting out a stream of horny straight boy cum.

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