Naked young dudes Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight ass fucking in every position possible

Bentley Race says: I finally got together my horny mates Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight for this shoot during the last days of summer in Australia. It was still hot outside so we headed out to my rooftop while these guys got acqainted.

There’s loads of teasing and kissing between Val and Caleb as they strip each other naked on the roof. I got loads of great shots, and then the guys ended the shoot with a super soaker naked water fight on the roof. And now that they were cooled down, we headed back to the studio where Val wanted to ride Caleb’s fat cock.

It was so hot filming these guys fucking on all different positions before blowing cum on each other. It’s gotta be one of the best sex scenes I have shot this year.

I have shot a lot of other videos with Val and Caleb, this is one of the best. And what a nice way to say goodbye to summer.

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22 year old Zac Jordan jerks out a huge cum shot


Bentley Race says: I am meeting a lot of new guys at the moment while I am travelling around the world. Recently my mate Justin brought along one his mate’s to his shoot in Berlin.

Zac Jordan was sitting out on the balcony while I was doing Justin’s shoot. Later Justin and I both talked Zac in to having a go at it too. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but he soon warmed up to it with a bit of encouragement from behind the camera.

And I’m glad he did. 22 year old Zac does a lot of modelling around Europe and in Poland (where he comes from). And I think he’s very beautiful. The shoot turned out to be a lot of fun as he was trying to hide his boner from his mate in the next room.

And his video scene was very hot too. Make sure you watch it right to the end to see one giant cum shot. Zac is just one of the many new guys joining us in the past few weeks. And there are many more to all through this Australian summer.


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Rimming Justin Evans’ hot sexy asshole

Bentley Race says: I am catching up on some of the hot shoots I did with some of my mates in Europe earlier this year. I just found the shoot I did with my cute mate Justin Evans in Berlin.

I spent a couple of days with Justin taking loads of photos and making some hot videos. Today’s shoot ends the series of shoots in the Berlin studio.

Justin is looking super hot as he shows off his bottom and hard cock while bending over the chair. I was getting seriously turned on while taking his photos.

After taking some shots together I grabbed the video to capture Justin getting off one more time. The 22 year old Polish twink and I have been friends for a few years now.

But this is the first time we are actually having some fun together on video. I figured everyone had already seen Justin in solo action videos.

It’s time to see that perky little bottom getting some nice tongue fucking action. Justin squirms on my face as I push my tongue deeper in to his hole.

I keep working his cock and hole until he’s very close to getting off. And his enormous cum shower does not disappoint at the end of this new video.

I love working with this horny bottom boy.

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Sexy middle eastern hottie Aro Damacino jerks his huge dick


Bentley Race says: I’m pretty excited this morning to post Aro’s shoot with me in my hotel bathroom. You see I have a giant crush on this guy. It took a long to convince Aro Damacino to get naked on camera.

And I’m glad he decided to do it, because it turned out that he loved it. We took a tonne of photos that day in my hotel room. And we made a very video where I joined in on the action with Aro.

I couldn’t resist sucking on the big dick. He thought that it was all very amusing that I was making such a fuss during his photo shoot. But why not, he looks so dam sexy.

I’m hoping we can hook up again the next time I find myself in Europe. Aro Damacino is a 26 year old from the middle east now living in Berlin.

When we met he was busy taking German language courses to make life a bit easier living in Germany.


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Cody James fucks Perry Laroux’s tight boy hole


Bentley Race says: What a hot scene this turned out to be. I had never seen this French student Perry Laroux in an action scene before and I wasn’t sure how he would handle Cody James’ big cock. The photo session went really well.

The guys got along really well and teased each other a lot. But when Cody pulled out his big cock, Perry was all over it.

The fucking in their video is amazing. Perry jumps on Cody’s cock and bounces up and down like it’s nothing. This is Cody and Perry’s first hook up. And something tells me it might not be their last.

They have both asked me when they can do it again.


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Hot Aussie dudes Dylan Anderson and Jesse Carter were so horny they fuck each other

Bentley Race says: I have shot a few scenes with Jesse Carter in the past year, but this is Dylan Anderson’s first action video with our mates. These guys are the perfect hook up.

They are from different towns in Australia and had not met before. But they picked each other out in their wish list of shoot partners.

Both Jesse and Dylan are really sweet Aussie boys and I knew they would get along well together. So I invited them both around to the studio for an introduction and a fun shoot together.

The photo session went really well with the guys kissing, stripping each other naked and sucking on each others dicks. The photo look great! But it’s the video they were really keen to move on to.

So we start clothed again so we can capture all the action from start to finish. I had no idea was was about to happen.

And it turns out this was the best plan because Jesse and Dylan were so horny that they ended up taking turns fucking each other. And the positions they get into were so hot.

I think these guys are going to two of my favourite mates performing this year. After making one of the hottest videos to start off 2018, I will be getting them back in again soon.

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Sexy bearded young dude James Nowak strips out of his shiny shorts and jerks his very fat cock

Bentley Race says: I know a lot of the James Nowak fans are drawn by his hot looks, but it’s important to know that the 27 year old Aussie is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s actually a bit on the shy side and never really knows what to do or where to look when I am shooting with him.

He actually doesn’t really like all the attention. So he leads a quite life with his girlfriend in country Victoria and travels in to the city when we are going to do a shoot. He admits that he lost some of his fitness and muscle bulk in the past year owing to a repeating shoulder injury which is keeping him out of the gym.

Well I think James is gorgeous and a lot of our members think so too. Today I am photographing James as he strips naked and soaps up in my shower. I’m so happy seeing James back after a long break this year.

We have made a lot of hot videos in the past and there’s many more to come.

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Hot ripped 22 year old straight hottie Brian Tanner strips naked and jerks his big dick

Bentley Race says: I’m excited today to introduce to you our newest mate Brian Tanner. I met the 22 year old hottie during my recent vacation in Europe. Brian is a mutual friend of Patrik Vass who modelled for me in Budapest earlier this year.

Brian is another one of the many straight guys now modelling with us. I could tell he was a little apprehensive at first about meeting and getting naked back at my hotel room. But the shoot ended up going really well.

And I was really impressed by our new mate’s physique and handsome looks. Brian’s fairly laid back strip show photo shoot ended with the lanky boy getting naked one more time and jacking off on my bed.

I like Brian a lot and I am looking forward to shooting more with him in the new year.

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Hot young naked dudes Caleb Knight and Alex Sanchez hardcore ass fucking

Bentley Race says: As summer begins this week in Australia I am already busy getting out sexy mates back for new scenes on Bentley Race.

After recently meeting and shooting with Alex Sanchez I wanted to get him matched up with some of our other hot mates. I wanted to put him with one of our regular mates who could ease him through the sex scene.

So I invited Caleb Knight around. We started with taking photos, kissing shots, stripping and some cock sucking. I knew Alex would love Caleb’s big cock. The guys got along really well.

Alex is so dam cute as he laughs at Caleb being silly. But then we got down to the serious business of making their first sex video together.

This is where Caleb takes charge and guides his new mate through a light massage session followed by some very hot sex.

Alex loves being rimmed and couldn’t get enough of Caleb eating out his hole. I’m really pleased with the results of this match up between our sexy mates. This made for a great start to our summer season.

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28 year old straight Hungarian hottie James Jones pulls out his fat cock and jerks out a huge cum load

Bentley Race says: I am catching up on the shoots with our new straight mates this month. And today I’d like you to meet 28 year old James Jones from Hungary. James was introduced to me by our mutual mate Jeffry Branson.

Jeffry has some of the hottest mates. So I couldn’t wait to meet up with James. This boy is big. He towers over me as he pulls out his fat cock in my hotel room.

I could tell that James was a bit nervous about doing this shoot since it was his first time. But we ended up having fun chatting and taking loads of photos. And he ended up making a really hot jack off video with me too.

James is a handsome and really sweet guy. I’m hoping I will get to shoot a lot more with him when I visit Budapest again.

He makes a nice addition to the group of straight guys currently getting off on being filmed.

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