Step uncle Mason Lear can’t resist fucking his son’s best mate Michael Boston’s hot hole

Icon Male says: Young buck Michael Boston is always so horny and he is wanting to hook up with his best mate Andy. Well, it turns out that Andy isn’t home just yet, so the next best thing is Step-Uncle Mason Lear.

Michael sure knows how to flirt and offering up his big juicy ass and his sexy face Michael Lures Mason in until he can’t take it anymore.

Michael gets his sweet cakes fucked by Step-Uncle Mason and the cum explosion is not to be missed.

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Dillon Diaz’s big black cock bareback fucking Casey Everett’s hot tight boy hole

Icon Male says: Casey Everett is getting ready to watch TV, but he’s got something much better on his mind, his stepfather Dillon Diaz’s big cock.

Casey’s stepmom is out of town and Dillon decides to keep Casey company in front of the TV.

Things start to get a little uncomfortable when Casey moves in for the kill, or should I say for the cock.

These two horny men take care of each other’s needs with lips, tongues, assholes, and cocks. Popcorn anyone?

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Hot young daddy Jesse Zeppelin fucks stepson Michael Boston’s hot bubble ass

Icon Male says: While most guys can’t stand their stepdads, Michael Boston has what seems to be the stepdad of the year.

Stepdad Jesse Zeppelin is a man’s man, and Michael is just the man to take care of his stepdad’s every need.

When mom is away, stepdad Jesse knows how to take care of his stepsons’ ass and shows the young man how to take care of daddy’s cock.

Everybody wants Michael’s stepdad Jesse, but lucky Michael gets him first.

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Hairy big muscle hunk Drew Sebastian fucks Jack Vidra’s hot bubble ass

Icon Male says: We are at the hospital and the doctor is making his morning rounds. Dr. Jack Vidra pulls back the curtain to be faced with his favorite patient Drew Sebastian.

Drew’s huge cock is what Dr. Jack is interested in inspecting.

Drew is known to have one of the biggest cocks in the business and Dr. Jack wants to wrap his hand and mouth around that monster.

Soon, the Doctor and the patient are fucking all over the bed.

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Wesley Woods sucks down balls deep on Tristan Brazer’s big muscle dick

Icon Male says: Having sex is so much more interesting when you know that you are being observed from afar.

Wesley Woods and Tristan Brazer’s next-door neighbor has been watching them following their every move.

They decide to give their nosey neighbor a show he won’t forget in a hurry.

As they strip off Wesley and Tristan make sure that the curtain twitcher gets a load of this.

Wesley leans into rim Tristan’s big muscle ass, getting his tongue deep between his pert ass cheeks. read more

Nick Fitt’s anal passage bareback abused by tattooed hunk Clark Davis’ huge dick

Icon Male says: Nick Fitt sneaks over to spy on Casey‘s dad at the poker game. He gets caught by studley Clark Davis. To teach Nick a lesson, Clark shows Nick how the guys get into at the game. It has more to do with big bareback cocks then cards.

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Interracial anal fucking Brian Bonds’ hot asshole bareback fucked by Zario Travezz’s big black dick

Icon Male says: Brian Bonds wants to go with Zario Travezz to the big poker night, but it’s the one night Zario gets to hang with his friends.

Brian gets pissed and Zario knows exactly how to make him happy. He uses his huge cock and tight ass to put a smile and some cum back on Brian‘s face.

The bareback fucking will leave you breathless.

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DeAngelo Jackson’s huge black bareback cock deep fucking Avery Jones’ hot bubble ass

Icon Male says: DeAngelo Jackson has to show veteran masseuse Avery Jones his skills. After an intense massage session Avery can’t help but sample a little of Deangelo’s delicious body. The young stud is soon climbing all over Deangelo’s magnificent body and takes every inch of Deangelo’s cock Bareback down his throat and up his ass.

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