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Horny stud Ricci Hulk at Maskurbate wanks his big uncut dick spraying jizz all over his abs

Maskurbate says: Here’s an exclusive look at Ricci Hulk’s first masked audition, for the first time unedited, featuring the entire footage that was shot during this session.

Ricci wasn’t used to doing solo jerkoff videos. He had done some straight porn before but nothing like this.Read the rest of the post

Maskurbate sexy young straight dude Yanik strips naked jerking his big uncut dick explodes in jizz

Maskurbate says: Our cameraman followed a young jock Yanik on the street until he got the courage to ask him for a nude masked photoshoot.

Here’s the raw footage of what quickly became Yanik’s first solo jerk-off video ever.

In this new unedited version you’ll have access to his amazing smooth body and, in my opinion, one of the nicest uncut dicks in the industry.… Read the rest of the post

Muscled young hunk Nick Vargas wanks his big dick spraying jizz all over his abs at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: I personally have a big crush on Nick Vargas.

This young man’s body is perfect to my eyes and the way he dances and moves is so sensual.

In this exclusive new edition, I treated myself by offering you the entire footage shot that day.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy straight dude Alexandre’s big thick dick sucked by hottie hunk Fook at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Our deepthroat master Fook had the pleasure to practice his art on straight jock Alexandre.

This week I’m really excited to give you access to the entire raw footage shot that day.

You’ll witness the connection between our two actors and all the fun we had during this shooting.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy big muscle dude Thomas Friedl’s massive thick dick spraying jizz all over his ripped abs at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Porn star Thomas Friedl was excited to do a video for us wearing the famous mask.

Here’s the entire uncut footage of his performance with extra close-ups and slow-motion sequences so you can see every inch of his amazing body.… Read the rest of the post

Big muscle man Zack Lemec stripped nude wanking his huge thick cock at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Our number one model Zack Lemec got his cock pumped to the max, measured it, then fucked until he delivered a huge cumshot in front of me.

Here’s for the first time the entire footage of what happened that day as if you were in the room with us.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy muscled hunk Zahn stroking his big dick exploding jizz all over his abs at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Here’s the unedited extended version of gorgeous bodybuilder Zahn’s masked debut.

Watching the original footage I simply had to share with you the full sequences.

I’m sure you’ll be excited to see everything that was shot that day.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Read the rest of the post

Horny young ginger stud Maskurbate Marty’s huge cock fucking ripped dude Sam Cuthan

Maskurbate says: Maskurbate Marty contacted us to ask if it would be possible for him to fuck bareback a guy he’s had a big crush on, Sam Cuthan.

This came up to be one of the most passionate bareback fuck scenes we’ve produced.… Read the rest of the post

Ripped huge muscled dude Angelo Godshack jerking his huge thick cock at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: This is one of my favorite of Angelo Godshack’s solos, great performance, and in my opinion, he showed up with the perfect body.

I decided to revisit his first Maskurbate scene with an uncut, unedited version simply because he looks amazing from every angle.… Read the rest of the post

Muscled hunk Zahn in just a mask wanking his thick uncut cock at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Zahn contacted us for his comeback and asked us to join him outside in a park.

We decided to shoot him on location, in the woods, nearly in public as only a few trees created privacy.

I present to you this week an exclusive look at the shooting featuring the entire footage without any cuts or editing.… Read the rest of the post

Big muscle dude Jeffrey Lloyd wanking his huge thick cock to a massive cum orgasm at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: Exclusive look at the entire raw footage of Jeffrey Lloyd’s first masked performance on Maskurbate before he became famous in the industry.

It’s a real treat to have access to all this extra footage.

Meaning more bubble butt, more of Jeffrey’s huge cock and more sexy moaning.… Read the rest of the post

Bearded muscle stud Zack Lemec strips nude stroking his big thick dick to a massive cum orgasm at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: For the first time, here’s the exclusive unedited footage of my private video shoot with Zack Lemec a few weeks before his bodybuilding competition, available for Maskurbate members only.

Known as having one of the best bodies in porn, Zack quickly attracted the spotlight on him.… Read the rest of the post

Hot ebony muscle dude Maskurbate Lantis stroking his massive black cock to a huge cum load

Maskurbate says: I’ve always been impressed by Lantis’ body and have had the pleasure of sucking his huge cock.

So let’s say that I’ve had so much fun watching and presenting to you for the first time the raw footage of this scene.… Read the rest of the post

Horny young punk Maskurbate Ryan strips naked stroking his big thick uncut cock spraying cum all over his abs

Maskurbate says: Young stud Maskurbate Ryan’s masked debut didn’t go unnoticed.

His sex appeal and smooth body charmed everyone.

This week I give you access to the entire shoot we did with him, no editing at all.

This exclusive raw footage is now available for you to watch and download.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy muscle stud Angelo Godshack aka Ennio Guardi wanks out a huge cum load at Maskurbate

Maskurbate says: We had the pleasure of working with one of the most notorious pornstars, Angelo Godshack, aka as Ennio Guardi.

In this exclusive unedited version of one of his Maskurbate scenes, you’ll have access to rare bloopers of him and never-seen-before footage.… Read the rest of the post

Big muscle boy Marty strips naked and wanks his huge thick cock to a massive orgasm

Maskurbate says: Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store.

We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body.

Read the rest of the post

Sexy fireman Maskurbate Ricky strips and jerks his fat dick


Maskurbate says: This fantasy scene is about a sexy fireman Ricky who rang at my door to let me know that my next door neighbor had a small kitchen fire. He asked my permission to inspect my house, to be sure it was safe.

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Pascal enjoy every inch of bad boy Henri’s big muscle dick


Maskurbate says: Don’t get me wrong, I like my models, but sometimes I just need a bad boy to play with. True story. During Pride weekend in Montreal, I saw this tall dude on Ste-Catherine street.

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Trenton Ducati spies Tommy Smith as he jerks his huge black cock to a massive load of hot muscle cum

Maskurbate says: Tommy Smith came to L.A. to apply on a waiter job. This very special position required some nude dancing. Tommy wasn’t comfortable being filmed while auditioning, so Trenton offered him to wear a mask.

Read the rest of the post

Maskurbate Brad jerk his huge cock playing with a soft touch vibrator


Maskurbate says: Ready to spend an intimate evening with Brad? Filmed 3 days before his bodybuilding competition, Brad relaxes at home and plays with a special toy we found during the shooting. Reality at its best.

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Maskurbate Frank watch him stroke his large uncut dick and cum all over his well-defined abs


Maskurbate says: Frank’s first ever porn audition is here. This 22 year old tattooed muscle boy chose the mask concept for his first tryout.

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A smooth fitness body and a huge uncut cock makes male stripper Ricky very popular


Maskurbate says: Ricky delivers a very special performance to celebrate his 20th scene on Maskurbate, returning to Montreal’s Stock bar stage where he first started stripping 10 years ago.

He executes a routine he did back then and added a more hardcore ending for the purpose of this shooting.

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Young sexy hunk Jeffrey Lloyd strips and jerks his huge hung cock

Maskurbate says: Since we featured David’s latest scene, I’ve received many requests from men wanting to get fucked by our new straight stud. Young Jeffrey Lloyd is one of them.

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Masked Will jerks his 9 inch cock to a huge cum explosion


Maskurbate says: I met Will through a Facebook friend of mine. I saw a picture of this tall young guy with an athletic physique on his wall, so I asked who he was. I learned that Will was a very quiet guy, he had a girlfriend and probably would never do this kind of video.

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Masked college jock Ron jerks his huge cock to a massive orgasmic cum shot

Maskurbate says: College jock Ron and his buddy were week’s away from beginning their College’s new semester and both needed to make quick money to go on vacation at the Beach.

I first met with Ron, who is the typical College Jock who’s never appeared in porn before but surely has the physique for it.

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Justin Filion jerks his big cock


Maskurbate says: Justin Filion is a very charismatic young dude who really want to get into the porn business. Fortunately, he came to me for advice and I convinced him to perform a solo on Maskurbate.

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Chico jerks his huge 9 inch cock to a huge cumshot


Maskurbate says: Chico is not a Maskurbate typical model. I was totally seduced by his smile, and the fact that he had a big 9 incher of course.

Watching this 21 years old go through his first porn experience was really exciting.

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Super sexy ripped tattooed stud Pierre Fitch gets his big muscle dick serviced


Maskurbate says: In addition of bringing you hot straight boys, I decided to start a new series where I get to meet and enjoy famous pornstars.

This first episode features the new super sexy stud Pierre Fitch.

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Maskurbate Ricky unmasked jerking off his hard erect dick


Maskurbate says: Ricky is our first model to perform on the MSKBCAM. This multi-cams HD show presents a new way to get up close and personal with Maskurbate’s hot studs. In this episode, guys get to tell Ricky what to do, compliment his smooth body and worship his popular 9 incher.

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Hottie ripped young muscle jock Vince strips and jerks his big uncut dick to a cum explosion

Maskurbate says: When I was editing Vince’s first-ever fuck scene I was reminded of the fun we had together when he first arrived on the scene.

Vince is a super awesome young jock with beautiful ripped muscles and a sizeable uncut cock.Read the rest of the post