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Men.com says: Blond and blue-eyed twink Craig Marks connects with top Sir Peter as they gaze into each other’s eyes before their sensual play begins.

They run their hands over one another’s bodies, and Craig takes out his hard cock, kissing up Peter’s chest before wrapping his soles around Peter’s dick.Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Pervert baseball coach Andrew Stark is at it again.

In this filthy orgy, Andrew lines up four hot twink asses and fucks them all.

Watch Hunter Page, Riley Banks, Mike de Marko, and Johnny Rapid all get some of Andrew’s cock.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup.

But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex’s hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex’s balls instead.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Ashton Summers picks out a spinning video with teacher Cody Seiya that really gets him working up a sweat, especially when Cody presses the special button that makes a dildo pop out of the seat and penetrates his hole.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Clark Delgaty gets home early from his jog to catch his husband Nate Grimes cheating.

Nate tells his lover Skyy Knox to climb out the window, but the naked cheater gets stuck, and when Clark enters and sees a bare ass poking out, he thinks it’s his man’s, immediately spanking it and fingering the hole.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Mayor Alex Mecum storms off after his secret lover Trent King has a little too much fun with an eggplant at the grand opening of the farmers’ market.

Trent goes after the straight-acting hunk, and Alex proves he’s more than a stuffed shirt as Trent sucks his cock behind the hay bales.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: What would it be like to get with your favorite gay porn stars in the flesh? Now’s your chance to find out.

Tattooed stud Markus Kage is working on his bike in the garage when he pushes up his white undershirt to run his hands over his furry chest and abs and grips his cock through his jeans.… Read the rest of the post

Horny muscle hunks Alex Mecum, Skyy Knox and Clark Delgaty hardcore anal trio at Men

Men.com says: After Skyy Knox slips in his own cum and passes out on the bathroom floor, paramedics Alex Mecum and Clark Delgaty have to shock him to bring him back, and he wakes up horny and craving cock.

Skyy pulls down both hot EMTs’ pants and sucks their dicks.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Have you ever dreamed of getting young Men.com star Michael Boston between the covers, then now is your chance.

Michael starts things off with a tease, pulling down his briefs to display his muscle ass and powerful thighs, then showing off his flexibility as he does the naked splits.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Chris Damned built up a nice big load fucking his boyfriend Joey Mills doggy style, so he’s annoyed when Joey dodges the facial.

His next attempt is foiled by Joey’s sheet mask, but he finally catches the twink coming into the bedroom.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Sexy naked dude Felix Fox wakes up in the morning and heads to the kitchen, strapping on an apron and gloves to make a start on the pots and pans left in the sink from the last evening.

His boyfriend, Slim Saint, decides to help his man out by coming up behind him and kissing him, then pressing his lips down Felix’s back before rimming his hole.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Hairy-chested stud Lucas Leon arrives at the gay club Cock Stop, and he’s making out, passionately kissing with Dante Colle under the flashing lights.

The guys suck each other before Lucas rides Dante, then the top bends him over to penetrate him doggy style as they watch themselves in the mirror.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Brent North is soon to be married but he isn’t too happy when clown William Seed shows up to his bachelor party and starts awkwardly making balloon animals… until it turns out that William is actually a very serious stripper.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Bo Sinn is outdoors sneaking around the garden when he spots Charly Willinski relaxing in his hammock. Bo finds a pathway through the hedge to get a better look.

The tattooed twink feels like he’s being watched, but he can’t see anyone… until Bo’s cock pops up through the hammock.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Sexy bottom stud Michael Boston is attending his local booty camp workout group.

In his assless onesie he draws many stares from the other participants, but only until ripped instructor Finn Harding starts things off with some jumping jacks and squats.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Kyle Connors is traveling home to his parents for the weekend to introduce his parents to his college boyfriend Tyler Castle.

As he is not yet out he tells his parents that they are just roommates, but left alone in the house they decide to enjoy their time together to the fullest.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: We’ve always dreamed of spending a little quality alone time with our favorite gay porn star hotties, today it’s your chance to meet and get up close and personal with sexy ripped stud Johnny B.

Johnny caresses his lean body in the locker room, slipping out of his cut-offs and rubbing his cock through his black lace thong, then stroking it sensually till he cums.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Malik Delgaty and his new husband attend the fertility clinic together, but the sexy employee Theo Brady wants to harvest Malik’s cum personally.

As he locks Malik’s husband out of the donation room he then sneakily watches the muscular top jack off, then sits on Malik’s cock.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Yet again it looks like Dann Grey going to be bottoming for his best buddy, Pol Prince.

But this time he wants to try his hand at topping, he explains to Pol, “There’s a first time for everything!”

Pol’s never bottomed before, so the guys agree to a V-card exchange, and Pol sits in Dann’s lap, kissing him, then sucking his cock.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Young sexy homebuyer Felix Fox wants this house really bad, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he’s going to do whatever and whomever it takes.

Luckily, hot hunky house agent Pierce Paris seems strangely immune to Codi’s feminine charms but is clearly responding to Felix’s overt flirting as the blond curly-haired young twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Up on the roof Ricky Roman didn’t look around before practicing his golf drives, because he hits a hole in one… in naked sunbather Luca D’Amore’s hole, that is.

Luca calls the golfer over to show him the ball stuck in his ass, asking Ricky to take it out with his mouth.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Head lifeguard Felix Fox has planned a surprise prank for rookie Malik Delgaty’s first daya pair of dissolving swimming trunks.

As soon as Malik jumps in the pool for a rescue drill, the bathing suit washes away, and when he hoists Felix out, Malik is fully naked.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Hottie home invader Bruce Beckham is not very lucky and he gets caught red-handed breaking and entering into Ty Mitchell’s apartment.

Bruce lies down still on the black sofa hoping that he will blend in and not be seen.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: After Pierce Paris tells his best frenemy, McKenzie Lee, that her boyfriend fucked him, she gives her man Finn Harding the cold shoulder, so Finn goes down the hall to Pierce’s room to get some attention.

He fucks the bottom spoon and doggy style, but to the guys’ surprise, McKenzie enters wearing a strap-on dick.… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: Finn Harding is supposed to be celebrating his buddy Johnny’s birthday, but he’s more interested in flirting with Ashton Summers and getting his nut instead.

When it’s time for cake, he follows Ashton to the kitchen and feeds him some icing, but when that doesn’t seem to pique the handsome bottom’s interest, Finn steals away with the new mouth-shaped stroker Ashton gifted to Johnny.… Read the rest of the post

Sexy muscle men Alex Mecum and Malik Delgaty spit-roasting Benjamin Blue’s hot asshole at Men

Men.com says: It is Alex Mecum’s wedding day and he is very happy to see his veiled bride walk down the aisle.

That is until the woman he’s supposed to marry runs in, wearing just her underwear, screaming “Stop the wedding.”… Read the rest of the post

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Men.com says: In a romantic mood Klein Kerr fills a hot bubble bath for his smooth lover, Ken Summers.

In just his bathrobe Ken looks on as Klein checks the water temperature is just right, and the guys make out, kissing passionately before Klein lowers Ken into the tub, kissing his neck, nibbling his ear, and caressing his wet body.… Read the rest of the post

Hairy chested muscle dude Alex Mecum’s huge dick raw fucking Benjamin Blue’s bubble butt at Men

Men.com says: It’s another wedding and Benjamin Blue’s mom is planning to marry again for the fifth time, but what she doesn’t know when she sends him to check on his stepdad-to-be is that they’ve been having an affair.

Benjamin’s pleas for Alex Mecum to marry him instead fall on deaf ears, but Alex agrees to one last blowjob for old times’ sake.… Read the rest of the post