Theo Ford and Mickey Taylor


UK Naked Men says: Sexy Mickey Taylor and strapping Theo Ford are cruising a contemporary art gallery. But Theo’s eyes are wandering from the art to Mickey’s tight jeans and bulging packet. Luckily, Mickey seems to have been struck by a sexualized form of Stendhal Syndrome and the art is making his veiny, uncut cock hard and his tight hole twitch for attention.

Theo pushes the sexed up lad against the wall of the deserted gallery (really cop an eyeful of Theo, such a handsome guy, model good looks, pale, pale green eyes – but I digress). read more

Jessy Ares fucks Theo Ford tight hole

Men-com-Jessy-Ares-fucks-Theo-Ford-tight-hole-boyfriend-gym-hook-up-men-fuck-big-cocks-naked-hairy-men-001-tube-video-gay-porn-gallery-sexpics-photo says: An accidental discovery of his boyfriend’s phone, Theo Ford cannot help but let his curiosity take over and take a look at what his boyfriend has been up to. He soon regrets checking the phone when he discovers that his boyfriend has been cheating on him.

Luckily for Theo, Jessy Ares is there to express sympathy, but he is also there to offer Theo the chance to get revenge on his philandering boyfriend. With an empty gym providing privacy for the hook up, both men decide to take advantage and fuck around. read more

Just Angelo fucks Theo Ford’s hot ass


Dominic Ford says: After a fabulous New Year’s Eve Party in their amazing loft, Just Angelo and Theo Ford take a moment to toast to a new year. But they can’t control themselves and start making out and blowing each other in the kitchen. The action continues to the living room, and Just fucks Theo until he can’t hold it in anymore. Theo and Angelo come, starting the new year off with a bang.

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Alex Lopez, Fostter Riviera, Raul Korso and Theo Ford


Lucas Entertainments says: It’s too enticing a message to resist: if you were invited to a bareback sex party on Grindr or Scruff, would you be able to resist? Answer that question, but then apply it to the guys who are sending the invite. With Alex Lopez, Fostter Riviera, Raul Korso and Theo Ford.

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Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brian and Theo Ford

Hardcore ass fucker Theo Ford slips his huge dick deep into Darius Ferdynand’s tight muscle asshole

Theo Ford sucks on Letterio’s uncut cock before letting him pound his ass

Men-com-naked-muscle-sexy-men-Theo-Ford-fucked-Letterio-Pride-Madrid-sucks-uncut-cock-fuck-ass-hot-cum-load-cocksucking-rimming-001-gay-porn-video-porno-nude-movies-pics-porn-star-sex-photo says: Theo Ford is finally getting the chance to discover what Pride in Madrid is all about, except he never thought he’d be doing it alone.

As he sits in an empty bar, the bartender, Letterio, decides to pick up his spirits a bit. He takes Theo into the back and sucks on his uncut cock before letting him pound his ass and cover him in a hot load.

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Brenner Bolton’s squeezing the growing bulge in Theo Ford’s white undies


Falcon Studios says: Brenner Bolton and Theo Ford are kicking back on the sofa. Brenner’s face is buried in the fur on Theo’s chest, and he’s squeezing the growing lump in Theo’s white briefs.

He pulls out Theo’s fat, veiny cock and sucks deeply, alternately swallowing it all and nibbling the foreskin. Brenner pauses to explore Theo’s body with his hands, then resumes sucking.

They lie for a while with their limbs interlocked, savoring the friction of skin on damp skin. Theo massages Brenner’s buns and explores the warm crevice and hole he intends to fuck. read more

Theo Ford’s tight muscled asshole fucked hard by Paddy O’Brian’s huge dick says: Theo Ford is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of productivity around the office. He orders Paddy O’Brian to get things moving, but Paddy challenges Theo to show some initiative on himself.

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Theo Ford sucks and fucks Tony Milan in a shower

Men-com-naked-men-Theo-Ford-sucks-Tony-Milan-huge-thick-erect-dick-fucks-nice-cum-load-orgasm-hard-body-cocksucking-rimming-anal-01-gay-porn-star-sex-video-gallery-photo says: Theo Ford sucks and fucks Tony Milan in a shower giving him every inch of his throbbing dick. Theo fucks a nice load out of Tony before he comes all over his hard body.

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