Shy young straight stud Ryan Lewis wanks his massive 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Ryan Lewis is slightly shy at the beginning of his shoot, but as with many models once their clothes come off and their cock is in their hand they relax.

So Ryan was slightly cautious, but he is soon enjoying showing off his body and he isn’t shy about any of it as you can enjoy his hole, surround by a blond fuzz and when not showing his hole he is wanking that massive cock, must be at least 8 inches.

After pumping his meat he lies back and gushes a nice load into his hand and down his shaft, one of those squirt and oozing type of orgasms.



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Straight soccer dudes Luca James and Bailey Gibson wank each others big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Best friends Luca James and Bailey Gibson did a shoot for our sister website and those were solo shoots, today they came together and accepted the challenge to push their boundaries.

Both play football and go to the gym and have lean and toned bodies which they enjoy showing off and the lads strip each other down completely naked. They have a play with their own uncut cocks and before you know it they are wanking each other.

Wow, now straight mates shouldn’t be doing this and they know it, some tension, but they do an amazing job at tossing off each other. They show their holes and lie back and shoot their cum, Bailey first shoots big followed by Luca. Thank you boys, will you go any further.


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Tomas Brand and Michael Lucas


Lucas Entertainments says: Tomas Brand has filmed 12 scenes for Lucas Entertainment, and today is his first with Michael Lucas.

It’s been said in the past that Tomas is known quite well for roughing up the men he’s with on camera.

But today he’s completely submissive with Michael: he gets his ass eaten, sucks cock, and takes Michael’s 10 inches raw up his ass.


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Sexy ripped young British dude Tommy Tee strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: You occasionally meet straight young men who you can’t quite categorize and Tommy Tee is certainly one of these. A young man with a hard laboring job that has made his body firm and scarred by his work and yet he drops his clothes and his body looks great and his uncut cock rises up and stands proud.

He doesn’t quite know how to react to an uncut cock that rises up and can’t be controlled. Luckily he is more than engaging enough to just come along for the journey and show off his hair free body and almost hair free hole.

He has a lovely uncut cock that stays rock hard and when he fires it he loses control of his weapon. Rarely do I see models shoot like this, its hit his chin, cum hits his forehead, this was one turned on straight lad.


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Baby faced 18 year old straight man Teddy Elton jerks his man meat


English Lads says: Teddy Elton is a young man with a baby face, not long turned 18, though take a look at his body and you’d think he was well into his twenties.

He has recently qualified as a personal trainer and enjoys training his body and helping others achieve their goals.

When not in the gym or running you can find him on the golf course, it seems like this young man can play any sport and excel.

When his boxers come off you can enjoy that other muscle, Teddy has a lovely uncut cock, surrounded by a healthy bush and the second he touches his uncut cock, it rises straight up.

He is another of these models with one of those rocket cocks and once he gets hard it doesn’t go down. He shows off his muscles, his cock, his erection, his hole and about the only thing that is slightly hairy is his hole.

After wanking his rock hard cock you can enjoy seeing how much Teddy enjoyed the shoot, since he doesn’t just cum, he cums and cums and covers himself. Another straight young man happy to share.



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Sneak Peek Joel Jenkins gives Barclay Graham his first man wank


English Lads says: Joel Jenkins is back to push Barclay Graham’s boundaries and he is right up for some fun; the shoot starts with a nice relaxing massage. Joel shows off his hand skills, he is quite some masseur and has soon got Barclay all relaxed and Joel is so good with his hands he soon has Barclay standing to attention.

Barclay is loving it and can’t resist a go; Joel is naked and erect and Barclay is soon getting wanked by Joel and only too happy to return the favor and he grabs Joel’s great big uncut cock.

Wow, lots of big cock action in this shoot, both lads must have at least 8 inches and real thick and judging by the amount of cum on Barclay he didn’t mind his first manhandling. Well done lads.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Thomas Ride bareback ass fucking Petr Oteo's tight butt hole


Cocksure Men says: Hairy muscle stud Thomas Ride and Petr Oteo kiss and feel each other’s bodies. After taking their shirts off Petr unbuckles Thomas’ jeans and get on his knees. He wraps his mouth around Thomas’ uncut prick. Thomas takes his turn on Petr’s pole, sucking his cock and licking his balls.

Thomas turns him around and leans Petr over the kitchen counter. Thomas gets Petr’s hole wet and slides his raw cock bareback into his sweet hole. Petr moans loudly as Thomas pumps his rod into his tight ass. Thomas lays on the floor and Petr squats on his raw cock.

Petr eases his smooth ass down onto Thomas’s raw shaft and goes for a wild bareback ride. Petr hops off to have a taste of Thomas’ cock, then hops back on. In the spooning spooning position we get a good look at Thomas’ raw cock barebacking Petr repeatedly.

Petr sucks Thomas’ cock until he shoots his load all over Petr’s face. Petr licks the head of Thomas’ cock slurping the last bit of cum. Petr Oteo stands up and jerks his juice all over Thomas Ride’s hairy chest.

Dripping in cum, they end with a kiss.



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Mike De Marko and Nikko Russo


Falcon Studios says: Nikko Russo, smooth and muscled, slaps his dick on Mike De Marko’s face, stretching ropes of saliva and precum across Mike’s lips.

He cups Mike’s balls and services his cock, but before long Nikko’s interest has moved to Mike’s hairy hole.



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Hot ripped young British dude James Adams strips and jerks his 8 inch uncut dick

English Lads says: James Adams is a young British dude who has played a lot of rugby in his teenage years and after a leg injury, turned his hand to helping others becoming a personal trainer.

The result is this young man is a ripped bundle of muscles with great definition and with an outgoing and confident personality can you ask for much more.

Well in James’ case you get more, he is not only athletic and flirty, but he is hung with this massive uncut cock that hangs down nearly 6 inches when soft. Wait until he gets his uncut cock erect.

James Adams has a beautiful long and thick cock rising to over 8 inches and is quite a handful. This tall and blond lad does a great job at showing off his muscles and when he lies back and pumps his cock he dumps a nice big load all over his abs.

Welcome James, we like straight lads with big uncut cocks.


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Rowan Wellesley's 8 inch uncut dick spurts jizz all over his ripped abs

English Lads says: Rowan Wellesley is a young man who goes to the gym a lot and works out hard, his job as a builder means he spends most his waking hours toning his body. No wonder he is a bundle of well toned muscles, nicely ripped and real strong.

Proud of his body he is only too happy to shed his clothes and once naked you can enjoy his smooth body and big uncut cock. Long when soft and it grows real fat and long, Rowan has an eight inch uncut cock that gets hard real quick and is as hard as a rod of steel.

Nothing left uncovered you can enjoy Rowan’s hole, surrounded by a light blond fuzz. After wanking his uncut erection he lies back and unloads on his abs, well done Rowan another straight lad happy to entertain us.


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