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Dex admits he loves sex to be a long slow buildup and he’s totally into older silver fox men. He’s got a bit of a daddy complex.

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Sean Cody says: Dax is excited to partner with today’s hottie stud, so he’s studied every single movie in the SC archives in which his partner, Asher has starred in.

Asher asks Dax what he enjoys getting up to in bed and Dax drops a very interesting piece of info: “I don’t have a gag reflex, so…”

Asher’s big eyes widen as he replies, “What! … I got a little excited.”

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“Big ass guy. I’m talking I just love, love ass.”

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“I hate my dick being in my pants. Especially when it’s hard,” says Jayden Jaxx.

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Sean Cody says: It is hard to believe but about four years ago Garrett dropped by for a hot solo shoot (here) and now he is back for a hot gay sex session with another guy, his very first ever.

Today he is lucky as it will be fellow newbie Nikolai Lombardo who will be showing him the ropes.

Garrett isn’t too nervous although he admits, “It’s all new to me so I’m really just trying to stay focused and sexy.”

Easy going Nikolai helps to break the ice with a sexy kiss, then asks, “Yea or nay?” “Yay!” is Garrett’s reply as the guys make out kissing passionately as they strip each other naked. read more

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Sean Cody says: Today we welcome our newest model Dax, he’s sexy sporty with dark hair who loves powerful versatile sex, so he’s a super top but also a verbal bottom.

He has a wide range of likes in guys, from hairy, to smooth and everyone in between.

Tall guys, short guys, guys with dad bods, shredded guys,” and when it comes to sex, he wants it rough.

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Sean Cody says: Since their hot threesome (see here) Sean is cooling off in the Kitchen whilst Devy makes his way upstairs to catch up with Justin.

Justin admits, “I’ve always had a crush on you.” as he checks out the muscle top ripped physique as the guys kiss passionately making out and feeling each other’s sexy ripped bodies.

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Sean Cody says: As Josh and Cody Seiya are downstairs snacking and sharing sex stories Devy wakes and heads out to the balcony while playing some epic air guitar.

Justin asks, “Have you guys ever fucked outdoors?” and Josh recounts getting it on with 10 people… then getting caught by a hiker.

In answer to the question of have they ever fucked in the snow, Cody jokes, “Does snowballing count?” as he eyes up hot top Josh.

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Sean Cody says: At the start of the day, Sean, Josh, and Justin are in bed, making out kissing passionately.

They are so busy enjoying each other that they don’t realize they have a visitor Devy who enters the cabin and steals his way upstairs to watch them secretly.

Justin and Sean are taking turns sucking Josh’s cock, then Justin sucks them both before taking Josh’s raw dick doggy style as he sucks Sean’s cock.

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