All American college jock Troy Clark solo jerk off


Next Door Male says: Troy Clark has got that All-American look that can be found on college campuses across the country. With an outgoing personality and a nice set of pecs to back it up, he has no shortage of confidence as he strips and strokes for you.

Changing out of his gym clothes, he takes a breather after a spirited workout with the weights and the speed bag, and he’s just got one more muscle to work out: the bulge getting harder in his shorts.

Unable to deny it any longer, he stretches out on the dressing room bench and wraps both hands around the base of his cock, stroking with both like he was choking up on a baseball bat. read more

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Andrei Karenin’s tight smooth bubble butt well and truly fucked by Jon Kael’s huge twink dick

Andrei Karenin bareback fucking with newbie Belami Boy Jon Kael!…… read more

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Jesse Jackman and Jay Bentley


Titan Men says: Jay Bentley grips the side of Jesse Jackman’s muscular leg, Jesse putting his hand on top of the sucker’s in a romantic shot.

On his back, Jay gets a kiss before Jesse slides inside, the bottom’s tight abs clenching in a memorable aerial shot.

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Stag Homme – Damien Crosse and Biktor Vossou blowjob then hot fucking

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Let this surreal fuck take you on its wild ride on an enormous shaft to fantasy and back! It’s an unbearably hot summer day in Madrid as monster-cock Biktor Vossou lays on his lawn chair to catch some rays. As he flips through the pages of an erotic hardcover the heat starts messing with his mind as one of the boys from the book (Damien Crosse) appears live in the flesh…

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Sebastian Young and Brody Wilder at Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies says: Sebastian Young is very popular among the ladies around town. It’s no wonder why. His body is a tight, toned masterwork. His good friend Brody Wilder and he enjoy cruising the main drag, looking for sweet tail. They hit the clubs hard and party together like true buddies. They look out for one another and always have each other’s back. But lately Brody’s been checking out Sebastian’s back…backside that is.

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Sebastian has known for some time that his good pal Brody sometimes hooks up with dudes. Brody’s actually pretty well known for his cock-sucking abilities. Sebastian, on the other hand, doesn’t have any reputation of the sort. But the truth is that Sebastian has in FACT sucked on a few nice, hard dicks when the moment’s been right, but Brody’s never known. As Sebastian showers, Brody gussies himself up in front of the mirror. read more

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DirtyScout 255 young sexy straight twink’s hairy asshole bareback fucked by a huge thick uncut dick

Dirty Scout says: When you are young it can be very hard to get the job of your dreams.

As you often lack experience you have to settle with something less interesting.

This young man wanted to work in IT but couldn’t find anything.

He spent almost two years in various pubs and clubs as a bartender instead.

When I saw his cute and innocent face, I was ready to hire him on the spot.

There was a junior position open and the guy qualified for it nicely.

He was unemployed and in debt, so our mediation fee was a big problem. read more

Chase Anderson and Oscar Hart


Staxus says: Celibacy is not the easiest of lifestyles to adopt for anyone, but when you’re a horny young man, full of hormones and testosterone, it’s fucking impossible. As Chase Anderson and Oscar Hart discover when they find themselves alone together in a seminary bedroom.

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Marco Bill and Claude Sorel


Belami says: Claude Sorel gives Marco Bill a blowjob under the table then Claude gets his tight boy ass hard bareback fucked with Marco’s huge twink dick.

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Hottie young boy Joey Mills’s bubble butt asshole fucked hard by Reese Rideout’s big thick cock at Men says: Its panic stations at the airport as sexy young twink Joey Mills and his ‘girlfriend’ rush up to the gate to be met by horny ripped hunk Reese Rideout the always smiling customer service agent.

“You’re late!”, announces Reese as he winks at Joey.

“I’m sorry but you’ve missed the flight,” happy that he gets to flirt with Joey for a while longer now.

As the GF makes for a seat with her eye mask on, Joey gets behind the counter on his knees with his lips wrapped around Reece’s hung thick dick. read more

Ivan Thundero and Lewis Taylor


Staxus says: Kai Alexander is bundled down onto his knees and ignominiously forced to suck on Lewis Taylor’s dick. And what a dick it is, guys. A thick, meaty ramrod that Alexander – who’s promptly termed as a “bitch” by his two assailants – gobbles down with overexcited fury. Indeed it’s clear from the very start of this threesome that Ivan Thundero and Taylor have very much hit the jackpot in this encounter; and so it proves, with the two red-heads having no difficulty in using Alexander as the perfect fuck-buddy. read more

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