Fraternity X look which young frat men are getting fucked

Fraternity X says: Time to pay rent. Gotta update the site. Who’s gettin ass fucked? Looks like my boy Junior. Its ok i’ll spit before I toss it in. Just throw on the game, crack open a cold one and pound that tight hole. We love college.

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Party up in here

Fraternity X says: Same shit, different day. Some little cutie is getting his mussy fucked by a bunch of hung frat boys. We’re fucked up all day. Every day. That’s how we roll. Don’t you just love college.

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FraternityX DP Frat Fuck (Bareback)


Fraternity X says: Riley’s the new house bitch. Cleans up after us. Does all our home work and best of all, takes our loads. Sometimes we have to tie this bitch down. Keep em from squirming around and shit. Honestly, it just gets us more excited.

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FraternityX: All day drinking all day gay sex gang bang

He ended up taking all of our dicks, and that wasn’t even close to enough. We fucked him forever! read more

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Big dick tops raw dicking young fratboy cum dumps at FraternityX

Fraternity X says: This hottie skater boy has been hanging around the frat house for days now, he’s been begging to become a pledge even though it isn’t pledge week.

So, we cut the little bitch a deal.

If he can handle all the brothers, we’ll let him in.

Well, he did take us all though he was whining the whole time.

Guess we’ll have to trash his ass a few times to make sure he is man enough to become a bro.

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No show two holes bitch fucked young pledge at Fraternity X

Fraternity X says: As usual each Friday we set up our game night orgy for the bros with a new horny pledge standing up, but to our surprise, only two dudes showed up.

Fuck, we were not gonna cancel cos this bitch boy has two holes for two dicks.

One of our top young dudes in the house came by after he was done with his girl though, that guy could pound bitches forever.

It’s why he is one of our top dogs in the frat. Wasn’t the big bash we usually have, but we made it feel that way by the time we dumped a few loads in the pledge. read more

FraternityX full-on Bro’s our new bitch boy we keep bareback fucking him over

Fraternity X says: You know that even a full-on bro can end up a bitch when he keeps fucking us over.

One of the dudes in our house kept thieving all-out beer cash to fill his weed need.

Wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except that lil fucker puffs it all himself and doesn’t say shit until we’re partying hard.

If he isn’t going to treat his bros with respect, then we’ll knock his ass down to bitch level and treat him like one.

Maybe he’ll remember all our hot pocket cocks tearing up his ass next time he’s on beer duty. read more

Fraternity X dirty brotha’s young stud sucked and fucked gay sex orgy

Fraternity X says: One of our dirty brotha’s came in looking for his fuckin jacket.

Piece of shit needs to know ain’t nothin being given for free in the frat.

So we gave him his jacket, but first, we taught him a lesson on what not to do when the bro’s are watching the game.

You mess with us we make you shut up and suck.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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FraternityX young fratboy getting all our loads out

Fraternity X says: Everything in this frat is earned.

Doesn’t stop just because you’re a brother.

This little bitch pledge spends more time down at the skatepark than doing his chores.

So, we took his bed till he earned it back by getting all our loads out.

If he is so good at bustin pipe, we want to see it.

He was one of the loudest sluts we’ve had a pledge, guess he never had real pipe before.

Won’t be going down to the skatepark for a few days after that railing.

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FraternityX Mucky pup hot young college frat boy dudes bareback anal abuse

Fraternity X says: This young boy bitch strolls in like he is one of us already and gets in front of the tv talking shit about our team.

You NEVER block the game from the bros then mouth off about our guys.

Had to put the dumbass in his place.

Might as well use a cock sleeve while we finish the game anyway.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All the FraternityX updates right here!

Fraternity X gets a 3.5 star rating at My Gay Porn List Read the full review here read more