Sexy hung dude Brian Bonds fucks Rafael Lords’ tight muscled asshole


Raging Stallion says: Blond muscle stud Brian Bonds is tongue to tongue and dick to dick with Rafael Lords. Their chiseled bodies ripple as they fondle each others’ hard cocks. Brian tongues the tip of Rafael’s uncut cock, and Rafael’s hips buck reflexively.

Turning around, Rafael offers his ass up to Brian’s expert rimming. The round, firm cheeks of Rafael’s bubble butt flex as Brian works his tongue deep into Rafael’s hole. Turning around, Rafael swallows Brian’s cock, working the sensitive tip with his lips. read more

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Rikk York is balls deep inside the TSA agent Daymin Voss’ tight muscle hole

Raging Stallion says: Daymin Voss is a TSA agent and when Rikk York comes through security to get to his flight, he sets off the alarms several times.

Daymin decides to subject Rikk to a full body search. It doesn’t go well for the traveler when Daymin finds some contraband in Rikk’s ‘loose sloppy hole’.

The agent decides to explore a little further because he wants to make sure there’s nothing else up Rikk’s big hairy ass and gets in deep with his gloved hands. read more

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Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran


Raging Stallion says: Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran are lip locked and hard cocked. Boomer’s dick is the biggest you’ve ever seen, but its Sean’s huge meat that Boomer wants to suck on.

Boomer doesn’t neglect an inch of Sean’s boner, and Sean crams Boomer’s monster cock down his throat. When Sean switches from blow job to rim job, Boomer’s knees go weak, and he clings to the open door of the convertible Mustang for support.

Sean’s hot tongue lubes Boomer’s hole with slick spit, and Boomer leans back to allow Sean’s tongue even further penetration. As Boomer–the monster-cocked top of the century–moans and shouts with pleasure, the thought of getting fucked by a cock almost as big as his own becomes irresistible. read more

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Alex Mecum and Riley Mitchel bareback ass fucking whilst Eddy Ceetee looks on

Men for Men Blog Eddy-Ceetee-Alex-Mecum-Riley-Mitchel-big-raw-dicks-sucking-anal-bareback-ass-fucking-RagingStallion-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Alex Mecum and Riley Mitchel bareback ass fucking whilst Eddy Ceetee looks on Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion says: Desperate, sweaty and on the run, tattooed fugitive Riley Mitchell makes it home just in time to hide from the determined men on his tail. Hollywood handsome bounty hunters Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum burst into Riley’s bedroom, guns drawn, just as Riley slides out of sight. A distraught Eddy is convinced they’ve lost Riley for now.

But he’s sure their target will return home at some point and they should lie in wait. That means he and Alex have some time to kill. And when your partner’s as hot as an social media thirst trap, what better way to kill time than deep throating his cock? At least that’s what Eddy thinks. read more

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Hairy muscle hunks Teddy Bear fucked by Jack Dixon huge hard cock

Men for Men Blog Teddy-Bear-fucked-Jack-Dixon-Hairy-muscle-hunks-huge-hard-cock-RagingStallion-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Hairy muscle hunks Teddy Bear fucked by Jack Dixon huge hard cock Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion says: Teddy Bear and Jack Dixon make out by the pool table and rub crotches until Teddy tells Jack to eat his hairy ass. Jack does as he’s told and rubs his lips and beard all over Teddy’s tight hole. Teddy is eager to get fucked and after getting nice and opened up, he announces that he’s ready for Jack’s dick.

Jack stands up and gives the hairy stud what he wants by burying his extra thick shaft deep into Teddy. Jack goes balls deep into Teddy, stretching him out and making him beg for more. Teddy is ready to sit on the daddy’s hard cock and Jack lies back to let Teddy do the work. read more

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Real-life boyfriends Johnny V and Joey D are rocking black jockstraps, black boots, and racks of bulging muscles


Raging Stallion says: Real-life boyfriends Johnny V and Joey D are rocking black jockstraps, black boots, and racks of bulging muscles. Both studs ooze with rampant lust and they are about to give you a look at their intense and exciting sex life.

They chew each other’s lips and smash their boiling nuts together, until Johnny reaches out to tear Joey’s jock away so he can suck his hard cock throbbing behind the mesh. Joey playfully cock-whips him, then directs his sexual focus at Johnny’s muscle-butt. read more

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Rikk York takes the dick like a pro and sucks on Damian Taylor’s big cock as Seth Santoro pounds away

Raging Stallion says: Rikk York has a dilemma. He’s camping in the woods with Seth Santoro and Rikk York and he can’t decide which one to fuck. Rather than make the decision himself, he lets the guys do their work to let the action play out naturally.

Damien is hungry for dick and gets down on his knees in front of both Rick and Seth to suck their big hard cocks. Damien and Seth make out as they get their dicks serviced by the horny stud. Seth wants to play the cock sucking game too and soon joins Damien on his knees to share Rikk’s throbbing dick. read more

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Interracial big black cock threesome Austin Wolf and Pheonix Fellington abuse Kurtis Wolfe’s hot tight asshole

Men for Men Blog RagingStallion-Interracial-big-black-cock-threesome-Austin-Wolf-Pheonix-Fellington-abuse-Kurtis-Wolfe-hot-tight-asshole-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics Interracial big black cock threesome Austin Wolf and Pheonix Fellington abuse Kurtis Wolfe's hot tight asshole Raging Stallion  tongue Streaming Gay Movies Smooth RagingStallion Tube RagingStallion Torrent RagingStallion Phoenix Fellington RagingStallion Kurtis Wolfe RagingStallion Austin Wolf raging stallion premium gay sites Porn Gay Phoenix Fellington tumblr Phoenix Fellington tube Phoenix Fellington torrent Phoenix Fellington RagingStallion com Phoenix Fellington pornstar Phoenix Fellington porno Phoenix Fellington porn Phoenix Fellington penis Phoenix Fellington nude Phoenix Fellington naked Phoenix Fellington myvidster Phoenix Fellington gay pornstar Phoenix Fellington gay porn Phoenix Fellington gay Phoenix Fellington gallery Phoenix Fellington fucking Phoenix Fellington cock Phoenix Fellington bottom Phoenix Fellington blogspot Phoenix Fellington ass nude RagingStallion naked RagingStallion naked man Kurtis Wolfe tumblr Kurtis Wolfe tube Kurtis Wolfe torrent Kurtis Wolfe RagingStallion com Kurtis Wolfe pornstar Kurtis Wolfe porno Kurtis Wolfe porn Kurtis Wolfe penis Kurtis Wolfe nude Kurtis Wolfe naked Kurtis Wolfe myvidster Kurtis Wolfe gay pornstar Kurtis Wolfe gay porn Kurtis Wolfe gay Kurtis Wolfe gallery Kurtis Wolfe fucking Kurtis Wolfe cock Kurtis Wolfe bottom Kurtis Wolfe blogspot Kurtis Wolfe ass jockstrap jock hot naked RagingStallion Hot Gay Porn hole HIS gay video on demand gay vid gay streaming movies Gay Porn Videos Gay Porn Tube Gay Porn Blog Free Gay Porn Videos Free Gay Porn face Cock cheeks cheek Austin Wolf tumblr Austin Wolf tube Austin Wolf torrent Austin Wolf RagingStallion com Austin Wolf pornstar Austin Wolf porno Austin Wolf porn Austin Wolf Penis Austin Wolf nude Austin Wolf naked Austin Wolf myvidster Austin Wolf gay pornstar Austin Wolf gay porn Austin Wolf gay Austin Wolf gallery Austin Wolf fucking Austin Wolf Cock Austin Wolf bottom Austin Wolf blogspot Austin Wolf ass ass

Raging Stallion says: Kurtis Wolfe and Pheonix Fellington start getting dirty in the back seat of Austin Wolf’s, ‘Rideshare’. Kurtis goes down on Pheonix as Austin drives and watches them in the rear-view mirror. Pheonix wants to return the favor, and sucks Kurtis’ thick hard-on.

Austin wants in on the action and takes the guys to his garage where he unbuckles his belt and offers up his thick dick. That makes Pheonix hungry for more cock so he gets to work servicing both hung studs, alternating cocks down his throat. Kurtis is so turned on that he needs a dick in his ass. read more

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Hairy chested hunks Shawn Wolfe and Nick Capra suck each others’ hard cocks


Raging Stallion says: Shawn Wolfe is sprawled on top of Nick Capra. Their hairy chests and hard cocks press together, as do their tongues.

Shawn slides down Nick’s belly to swallow Nick’s massive cock. Nick’s reactions prove just how good a cocksucker Shawn is.

Once he’s satisfied his oral cravings, Shawn positions his ass over Nick’s saliva-coated dick and slowly lowers himself down, savoring every inch as it slides in. Nick’s cock is as fat as his wrist and you can see how much it stretches Shawn’s hole. read more

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Caleb Daniels buries his face in Bennett Anthony's ginger pubic bush spreading his hairy ass cheeks wide

Raging Stallion says: Caleb Daniels hails from Philly, loves rimming, and relishes an intense, connective rapport with his sexual partners. Bennett Anthony is originally from South Carolina, enjoys running, and likes to get aggressive.

As they make out and stroke each other’s cocks, they establish a deep, intimate connection. Bennett eagerly gets down on his knees and inhales Caleb’s cock, which puts Bennett’s furry ass on display. Caleb then buries his face in Bennett’s ginger bush, and his hairy ass spreads wide. read more

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