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CzechHunter says: Hottie young straight student offers me his virgin ass fucked by a big uncut dick at Czech Hunter 678. This 18-year-old student was skipping school. He was waiting for a friend, and they were supposed to take care of some business. Fortunately, the friend was late so I had enough time to make him realize that going with me instead could be more profitable. First, I pretended to be interested in getting an English lesson and then expressed my desire to see his manhood. Just a look, of course. He hesitated a little, but money was too good to send me away. The dude was saving for a car and every Crown helped. We went to his home, where I was finally able to admire his monster cock. No wonder he was okay with showing it to me. This beautiful view made me incredibly horny. I had to convince this shy man that sucking a cock can be so much fun. Or at least, that it can be very profitable.

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