Adam Archuleta, Scott Reeves and Ennio Guardi


Belami says: Adam Archuleta and Scott Reeves are more than just friends, they are also roommates. One day they are lounging around the house together taking a bath, a normal occurrence, when they all the sudden have a visitor. Everyone is shocked when our handsome Ennio Guardi arrives to find both hosts still enjoying the hot bath instead of picking him up at the train stop. The boys have a brilliant idea and decide to make up for forgetting him by taking his clothes off and playing with him too. A ridiculously hot scene is born where Adam and Scott take turns
pounding away at Ennio.



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Czech Hunter 270


CzechHunter says: Hunting in front of a high-school sounds always promising. Because the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Today I met Martin and Filip, two classmates and friends. Both 18 years old and super cute. They were tough to talk with, maybe I looked like a granddad to them.

Especially Martin was a bit edgy. He made this hunt very expensive and difficult. But I had one unexpected ally. I think Filip had a crush on Martin, which made things considerably easier. When Martin wanted to leave, Filip always convinced him to continue with my sick challenges.

It felt almost like a date. I took them to a park where I told them to kissed on a bench in a very romantic way. But they were both very shy outside so we ended up in my room. I bet this Filip couldn’t believe his luck at first.



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Straight young muscle dude Sean Cody Conrad jerks out a huge cum load

Sean Cody says: “I really like to eat ass. That’s one fetish I have. Whenever I’m stroking it, I just think about the person sucking my dick while I eat their ass.” Conrad came clean.

“When did you realize this?” He was straight forward, “When I tried it.”

It seems as though he tries everything once to see if he likes it or not. That certainly is a plus. Pair that with a great dick and there you have it.


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21 year old Kawelo has a cute bubble butt and big dick


Island Studs says: At only 21 years old, bubble butt Kawelo, has just returned to his native Hawaiian Islands to live after living in California.

This sweet Hawaiian local boy, shows us his amazing brown bubble butt, mows the yard fully naked and jerks off outside in the garden.

This Latino / Hawaiian looks like a tough islander, but is actually a soft spoken quiet boy who goes to church with his girl friend on Sundays.


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Young fit tennis player Troy Chester strips down to his sexy undies

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Football jocks Wilson and Jasper hardcore bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Wilson was really excited to be back, but was a bit shy at first. By adding football and Jasper in the mix, it made him feel way more comfortable pretty quickly though. Watching Wilson show Jasper how to throw a football was pretty hot. Jocks in their element is a sight to see, that’s for sure.

“Wilson, tell me about your experience with guys.” I asked curiously.
“Well, I’ve always been around a lot of naked guys in locker rooms.” Wilson admitted. I dug a little deeper.

“So if you were to sneak a quick peek in the locker room, would you look at the dick or the butt?”
“To be honest, I’d probably admire the butt first.” He said bashfully.

Jasper didn’t hesitate, “I’m looking at the dick. The dick is where it’s at.” They both laughed.



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Sexy young muscle hunk Sean Cody Kipp strips naked and jerks his big American boy dick

Sean Cody says: Kipp is the kind of guy who is pretty relaxed, and just goes with the flow of life. I guess that’s basically how he got here. To top it all off, he’s really hot.

“I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see! This might be fun!’”

It looked like he had a lot of fun stroking that uncut dick of his and blowing his load all over himself. I’d say that’s a pretty good definition of fun.


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Hairy chested muscle hunks Dato Foland and Massimo Piano hardcore anal fucking

Men-com-naked-hairy-chest-muscle-men-nipple-piercing-Dato-Foland-Massimo-Piano-hardcore-ass-fucking-big-muscled-9-inch-dick-fucking-men-kissing-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: All it takes is one look on the streets to spark the fire between these two gorgeous guys. Dato Foland follows Massimo Piano back to his pad for immediate seduction. A passionate make-out session leads to mutual cock worshiping before Dato loosens Massimo with his tongue and meaty fingers.

He then shoves his 7.5” uncut shaft into the open hole, pumping Massimo full of pleasure before they flip positions. Massimo’s 7 incher feels right at home inside Dato.



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Sexy naked hunk Diego Sans fucks Jack Radley’s tight virgin asshole

Men-com-naked-young-guys-Jack-Radley-Diego-Sans-ass-rimming-butt-fucking-perfect-body-bulging-muscles-boy-virgin-hole-01-gay-porn-star-sex-video-gallery-photo says: Jack Radley decides to go for a walk on the beach. There, he stumbles upon Diego Sans doing his daily yoga, with his perfect body and bulging muscles.

Jack decides to give it a try, but Diego wants to bend him in other positions and deflower this Amish boy’s virgin hole.



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Renting his hole with Devin Totter

Deviant Otter says: As you are all aware, I’m always looking for guys who want to fuck on camera from the slut apps.

Usually I just meet average Joes and guys next door who want to try porn, but it’s rare when I meet an escort that hasn’t done porn yet.

I would highly recommend his services, both holes are tremendous. Just after fucking him in a couple positions I couldn’t hold my nut any longer and busted over his head, then slammed my cock back in his hole and then continued to fuck him again until I worked up a second load.

I’m not satisfied until my junk is completely depleted.


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