Theo Ford’s tight muscled asshole fucked hard by Paddy O’Brian’s huge dick

Tattooed studs flip flop fucking Damien Crosse and Theo Ford

Men-com-naked-young-men-Damien-Crosse-Theo-Ford-asshole-hung-studs-flip-flop-fuck-large-cum-loads-big-huge-dicks-01-gay-porn-star-sex-video-gallery-photo says: The investigation is closed and Damien Crosse has concluded that Theo Ford is not a threat to the nation. There’s one last thing he’d like to leave open, and that’s Theo’s asshole. These two hung studs flip fuck before covering Damien in two large loads.



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Damien Crosse fucks Theo Ford lover Flex Extremo’s tight muscle ass

Men-com-hot-naked-tattoo-muscle-hunks-Damien-Crosse-Theo-Ford-Flex-fucks-tight-muscle-ass-cum-shots-facial-cocksucker-anal-assplay-01-gay-porn-star-sex-video-gallery-photo says: Damien Crosse is an intelligence officer who will do anything, or anyone, to complete his mission. To gather the information he needs on Theo Ford, Damien poses as an IT technician and goes to Theo’s home.

Damien can’t help himself at the sight of Theo’s lover, Flex Extremo. Damien fucks Flex’s tight muscle ass until the two exchange warm cum shots to each other’s face.



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Hardcore butt fuck with Alexander Greene and Theo Ford


Raging Stallion says: The meeting of Alexander Greene and Theo Ford produces instant erections. Foreskin meets foreskin, gently massaged by Theo’s hand as they embrace and kiss. Both dudes are tall, toned and moderately furry.

Alexander’s balls are huge, but they recede from view when he kneels to suck Theo, using his tongue to tease and his lips to squeeze. Alexander’s ass is the object of Theo’s desire.

Theo probes the crevice with his tongue and with the edge of his hand, individually sucking those massive balls and Alexander’s cock. Spreading the fuzzy globes of Alexander’s ass, Theo grasps and kneads, pressing a thumb and a finger into the spit-lubed hole.

Alexander succumbs to his anal hunger by sitting on Theo’s cock and robustly pumping his hips, swiveling so that he gets poled facing in both directions and ending up on his back.

Each guy cums in the other’s face and mouth, Alexander shooting a load that does justice to those big balls.


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Brenner Bolton’s squeezing the growing bulge in Theo Ford’s white undies


Falcon Studios says: Brenner Bolton and Theo Ford are kicking back on the sofa. Brenner’s face is buried in the fur on Theo’s chest, and he’s squeezing the growing lump in Theo’s white briefs.

He pulls out Theo’s fat, veiny cock and sucks deeply, alternately swallowing it all and nibbling the foreskin. Brenner pauses to explore Theo’s body with his hands, then resumes sucking.

They lie for a while with their limbs interlocked, savoring the friction of skin on damp skin. Theo massages Brenner’s buns and explores the warm crevice and hole he intends to fuck.

His tongue and fingers pave the way for his cock, and leave Brenner clutching at the pillow. Backs arched, their hips slam together.

Brenner cranes his neck and offers a wet kiss urging Theo to pound harder. He flips onto his back and grabs his cock, hooking the other arm behind a knee to afford deeper access to his hole.

His smooth pecs and flat abs clench and tighten from the edging orgasm. Brenner shouts as his cock explodes in streams of spooge that hit his neck.

Theo pulls out his cock and, with a shudder, matches Brenner’s load.



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Hardcore ass fucker Theo Ford slips his huge dick deep into Darius Ferdynand’s tight muscle asshole